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If you want parent controlls on face book you gotta make sure the email address is the parents (optional) or go to settings an press privacy you should see the parent control and press it and make sure the parent has a Facebook so every message goes to their email.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-27 00:29:18
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Q: How do you set the parent controls on Facebook?
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What are parental controls on computer?

They are controls a parent account can set up on a computer where it monitors what your child does online & can limit websites. It can also control what or what not your child can do.

Are parental controls on psn reliable?

Parental controls on psn (PlayStation Network) allow adults to set up a subaccount for a child and limit that child's access to chat and content. The controls also allow the parent to set a limit on how much money the child can spend on the site. The controls are reliable but depend on the parent's ability to keep his or her master password a secret.

How do you unlock parent controls?

Ask your parent.

Can you set up parental controls on a psp?

Yes, the parent controls usually consist of 4 code passwords but further restrictions might be possible depending on the model.

How do you disable parental control?

get the administrator/your parent/whoever set it up to change the settings to no parental controls. they will need their password

Best internet safety software for children?

Net Nanny Parental Controls 6.5 is a excellent program that lets parents set the controls of what the child can view and search. However it also allows the parent to override the controls at their own preference.

How can you play games with parent control on the ps3?

The PS3 does have parental controls and they can be set to allow restrictions on local content stored on the harddrive including games. The PlayStation internet browser and PlayStation Network can also have parental controls set. Instructions to change and set the parental controls are explained in detail in the PlayStation Knowledge Center. see related link

How do you convince a parent who has a Facebook to give you 1?

say if you get a facebook, you wont do drugs.

When was Set the Controls for the Heart of the Bass created?

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Bass was created in 1990.

What is a company that controls another company?

A company that controls another company is called the parent company and the company it controls is called a subsidiary

How do you Set up Parental controls on mac book?

Open System Preferences and click on the Parental Controls button then set the apposite controls.

Are there parental controls on Facebook?

Well, technically, no. There are not parental controls on Facebook. But your parents could get a Facebook and look at your profile or your child would give his/her parents there password and the parents can go on secretly and look at your wall. :) I'm glad if I helped anyone who was concerned :)

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