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Im assuming that the car is standard with nothing altered. If so changing the timimg belt can be done easy or hard. Here's the easy way. Remove upper and lower timing belt covers also all fan belts. The pully on the bottom will give you nightmares trying to remove it unless you use a air driven impact wrench. Trust me this is the way. Sometimes ive had luck blocking the pully and then removing the nut with a wrench and a breaker bar. Dont do that its just not worth it, to much time wasted and youll be all pissed off. Make sure the impact wrench has a torgue of at least 400 foot pounds. Once again ive tried with less torgue and regreted it. Once the pulleys are off now comes the fun part. Rather then removing the timing belt and then going through the process of finding top dead center of the number one cylinder. Do what i do. Before i take the old timimg belt off i put the replacement timimg belt against it and mark the exact teeth on both belts and also the drive pulleys. Be very carefull. Make sure that the marks are exact. Match each tooth too each coresponding tooth on the belts and also the drive pulleys. Once your certain that they are exact and can be replaced exactly. Locate the tension spring halfway between the pulleys and losen the center nut. Its spring loaded. remove the spring and now the belt should be lose. Remove the old belt and put on the new belt. Of course use the marks you put on the new belt anligned with the marks that are on both upper and lower pulleys. Make sure that the teeth are exact, count them before and after. If its tight its right.(I just had to say That) Put the tension roller back on and struggle with the tension spring,youll get it it just take a little time and alot of attempts. I get it with needle nose vice grips. Reverse the order of puting it back together and wow go drive your car. For me i allow about 3 or 4 hours to do the job. I put on the music and i take my time. Good luck!

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Q: How do you set the timing belt on a 1995 Toyota Tercel?
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