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I will ask you a question. Do you have a timing light? If so, you are going to clean off the degree plate located on the timing cover, and take a piece of chalk and and write over the timing mark on the harmonic balancer. This is so the mark will show up better from the strobe light. Then you will want to unplug the vacuum advance on the distributor, and plug the hose with screw or something else that will make a tight fit. Next you will hook up the timing light- most now are inductive, with the clip being attached to the #1 plug wire, and of course the other lead goes to the battery. Make sure that everything is clear from the fan and other moving parts of the engine. Start the engine, and point the light down by the harmonic balancer and degree plate. Your car should have a specs sticker located either on top of the radiator, or attached to the bottom of the hood. It will tell you at what degree the timing is to be set at, as well as what the idle rpm should be while performing this operation. If the timing is off, you then shut the engine off. Then you will get a 9/16 distributor wrench (this is the easiest)if not then you may be able to reach the distributor hold down bolt with either a combination wrench or ratchet and socket, loosen the bolt for the hold down clamp, but do not remove this bolt. You then start the engine back up, and while holding the timing light at the mark, rotate the distributor until the timing mark is ehre it is supposed to be on the degree plate (about 6 degrees BTDC) Go back and stop the engine. Tighten down the distributor hold down clamp bolt. Start the engine back up and re-check the timing. If it all looks good, satop the engine once more, disconnect the light, unplug the vacuum advance line, and plug it back into the distributor.

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Q: How do you set the timing on a 1981 Buick Regal with a 6-cylinder 2 barrel?
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