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With a dual range transmission (5x2), you can shift any way that seems feasible. If you're in town, leave the range selector in low range and shift the 5 gears as normal. When you reach highway speeds, just shift the range selector to "HI". If you want, leave it in HI range and shift as a normal 5-speed. The LOW range will give you quicker pickup in town, the HIGH range will give better fuel economy overall. The bike is geared in such a way that either range will work fine. If you are lucky enough to live near mountains, this bike is GREAT for mountain cruising. Leave it in LOW rangel, twist the throttle and GO! The added torque of the LOW range will bring a smile to your face. Whatever you do, don't think that you have to shift 1-LOW, 1-HIGH, 2-LOW, 2-HIGH, etc. It's just a range selector (LOW/HIGH). Use either one, and have fun! It's a great bike!

2009-04-20 01:31:58
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Q: How do you shift a 81 CB HONDA 900C motorcycle?
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