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How do you show your girlfriend you trust her?

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Well, coming from a girl who has had a Complicated relationship. All you really need to do is be open with her. Tell her that she can trust you, and be open about yourself.

And ask yourself, if you can't trust her than there is no way she is going to trust you.

So just be open, be willingly to trust her and make sure she knows your there for her and over time she will open up.

2014-08-06 10:25:28
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Q: How do you show your girlfriend you trust her?
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How do you regain your girlfriend or boyfriend's trust?

Earn it. Show them you really do care

What should you do if a ex girlfriend doesnt trust you no more but loves you what should i if i lover her?

If your ex-girlfriend doesn't trust you but still loves you then give her reasons to trust you. Show her you can be trustworthy and that you are. If then she understands that you are trying to show her that you still love her and that you can be trusted, ask her out and maybe she just might say yes.

How do you know if you can trust your girlfriend?

Start by trusting your girlfriend until you have reason to not trust her.

How do you trust your girlfriend?

you keep on asking her can i trust you

How do you trust a girlfriend?

Why couldn't you trust one.

How not to get jealous of your girlfriend?

Trust her.

How do you trust your first girlfriend of 4 months when there is a distance barrier?

you keep in touch with her and show her how much you love her threw the phone.

Dream about an ex-girlfriend?

Doesn't mean a thing. Trust me.

Has James Maslow have a girlfriend?

Trust me you might think he has one but he DOES NOT have a girlfriend

When you dream your girlfriend is cheating on you with a girl what does it mean?

it means you do not trust your girlfriend.

Should you trust your girlfriend?


What is the secret of boyfriend girlfriend?


How do you make him trust you?

Show him that he can trust you.. Show him that you're only there for him.

What to do when your girlfriend doesn't trust you?

there is very little you can do.... there is no quick fixes to lack of trust...the best thing i suggest is stay faithful and truthful to your girlfriend and she may learn to trust you again.

How can you fully trust your girlfriend in a long distant relationship?

Trust is the key word

How can a girlfriend trust her boyfriend?

A girlfriend can trust her boyfriend by asking him if she can or be testing to see if she can. A girlfriend can set up some simple experiments by saying things that she already knows is true and then testing to see if her boyfriend is honest with her. Also, trust takes time and if the girlfriend has lost her trust in her boyfriend then he's got to get it back. Or he will be costing their relationship, big time.

Where can I find a nice girlfriend?

Church, trust me.

What if your girlfriend doesn't trust a man?

then its not worth it

How do you know how to trust your girlfriend?

if she is a trustworthy person

Do rocroyal have a girlfriend?

No he does not he's single trust me!!

What could you do to make your girlfriend trust you if she doesn?

You have to sit down and think, are you sure she doesn't trust you ? Perhaps it is you who doesn't trust her ? Why doesn't she trust you ? If you want her to trust you, you have to show her that you can be trusted. Keep your promises. Keep your/her secrets. Be helpful and always have a helping hand to her. Talk to her more. Reveal more about yourself, and naturally, she will trust you with more of herself. Tell her you trust her, and would like to be trusted and why. Good luck (:

Is it right when your girlfriend hangs out with other guys at their house?

Yes, you got to trust your girlfriend that's what my boyfriend did he trust me because i have a friend next door And i will always hang out there it ok to let your girlfriend hang out will boys

Is it wrong to test your girlfriend to see if you can trust her or not?

You should think about why you are with this person. If you cannot trust her why would you be with her?

How do you strengthen a relationship as a teenager to with my girlfriend?

Trust & communication.

How do you gain trust back with girlfriend?

Be honest and open.