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replace the belt

they should be done at the same time

oil from the crank may be getting onto the belt which will trash it quick

Your belts just may need tightened.... more than likely that is the problem. If the belts were just replaced within a reasonable time that should be it. If you don't know how to do it yourself, go buy a Chiltons manual at Auto Zone or any other auto parts store, they cost about 25 dollars but for most repairs on your car you can do it yourself. The manual will definitly tell you how tighten your belt. If you don't want to go that route pull up to a mechanic, be real with them and ask them if they could take one minute to tighten your belt or if they will show you how to.. If they are a human being they will probably show you. And also if oil gets on the belt that gets bad, so make sure there are no oil or fluids getting on the belt.

the Saturn has an automatic belt tensioner if your belt is slipping you need to change the tensioner in Canada i paid 185.00 for a new one good luck

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Q: How do you silence a squealing belt on a 1996 Saturn and should the belt be replaced before repairing the crank seal?
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