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If you have access to it, compressed air is very neat to use. Slide the grips on as far as they'll go, then poke the nozzle of an air gun between the grip and the bar. When you depress the trigger the compressed air will make its way in between the bar and the grip and act as a lubricant, making it easy to slide the grip the rest of the way on. Another option is to use methylated spirits, or rubbing alcohol. Pour some over the bar and onto the insides of the grips, slide them on before the alcohol evaporates. Once the alcohol is no longer acting as a lube the grips will be secured in place. Window cleaning detergents may also be used. A third option is to use hair spray. Spray liberally on the bar and into grip, slide grip on. Allow to dry(takes days), then ride. Hairspray acts as a glue, and may require destructive removal if the grips has to come off. Moisten the handlebar and the inside of the neoprene grip with liquid dish detergent and slide the grip on the handlebar. After the detergent dries the grip will remain firmly in place. A downside of the two latter is that they rely on substances that are water soluble. A long ride in rain, or a bike parked outside during rain may develop "squirming grips syndrome". The top two are somewhat superior in that matter, as they don't add anything water soluble to the grip/bar interface.

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