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Try using oxalic acid, also called wood bleach, on the water damaged area before attempting to stain the wood. If that removes the stain, sand the surface, use a wood conditioner or a clear stain as a first coat, then apply the colored stain. Once that's dry, apply a clear polyurethane for interior use, or a spar varnish for exterior use.

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Q: How do you stain over water damaged wood?
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Can you stain over primer?

There is no point, stain is meant to go over bare wood.

What is it called when water ruins wood?

i think it's called a water stain, it can happen to about everything, so i think it would be called a water stain on wood.

How long does wood stain over latex paint take to dry?

If the wood stain is oil based, good luck with that. Latex will dry over dry oil base, but not the reverse. Oil based paints need to penetrate the wood, which is obviously not possible with latex in the way. If the stain is water based, you should have a firm drying in about two hours, permanent in 24.

Can you use wood stain to stain over an existing wood stain?

Depends on the type of stain and wood. I would recommend you sand the original stain off (this should take 5 - 10 mins with a power sander and some 120 or 240 grit paper) then wipe clean with a cloth before applying the other stain.

Can you paint over a water seal Such as painting over Thompsons water seal on a wood deck.?

You can paint over Thompsons Water Seal after 3-4 days with an oil based paint and after 30 days with a water based paint or stain.

Can you put water based solid stain on a deck with oil based stain on it?

You should check the label on the specific product you're planning to use. If the label states it will adhere to wood with an existing coating, then it's fine to use even over an oil-based stain. (This is because once thoroughly dried, oil-based stains behave the same as water-based stains.) Some products, however, will require the existing stain to be stripped from the wood, or to apply a primer coat over the existing finish before applying new stain.

Why do you need to sand a hardwood floor first before applying stain and varnish?

Wood stain MUST penetrate the grain of the wood or it doesn't color. clear coats like Varnish or Urethaneare designed to seal over the stain "color" & keep the wood from being "stained" by all the dirt & spills it endures over time. If you don't sand the old finish off evenly it will keep the new stain from penetrating and it will also allow the stain to penetrate in areas where the old varnish was worn or damaged but not in others making the new stain blotchy & uneven. A good quality urethane is far better and easier to apply than Varnish. .

Can you use a water based stain over paint?

No Stain is applied to wood before any sort of sealer stain enhances the color of wood to bring out grain different densities of wood absorb the stain at different rates paint, varnish, lacquer seal out water after a stain is applied. Lately stain is hard to find the one step idea stain,sealer, clearcoat all in one is the norm the results are so much inferior i have no idea how they can sell that junk. perhaps that is why you can find so much nice furniture on trash day

What is the difference between Oil based stain and water based stain?

Oil based stain generally penetrates the wood a little deeper

How do you get wood stain out of a white t-shirt?

How you can get a wood stain out of a white t-shirt depends on whether the stain is oil or water-based. For oil-based wood stains, use mineral spirits and for water-based wood stains, use acetone. Blot the stain from the edges and work your way in towards the middle but do not rub. Wash the t-shirt on a hot laundry cycle, between 60 and 90 degrees.

What does a wood stain do to the wood underneath?

Wood stain is abosorbed into the wood, so the wood takes on the color of the stain. This is why the features of the wood are still visible, unlike with paint.

What does Stain do on wood?

Stain soaks into wood and changes the colour, or if clear stain, brings out the wood's natural colour..

Can you stain over weathered paint?

If you paint over the "weathered" paint, it will chip and cause the stain to come off. Also, the stain needs a clean sanded surface in order for the wood to absorb it. Otherwise, there is no reason to use stain.

How can you remove wood stain from unfinished wood furniture if the stain used is too dark?

Wood stripper will remove most. You'll need to use a stiff brush, water and maybe some rags.

How do you clean wood stain on drywall?

You can wash it off with a moist sponge, but it is likely going to still leave a stain. Drywall is very porous. It is basically paper over chalk. There is just no way to remove some stains. If you want to paint over, but the wood stain keeps bleeding through, cover the stain with a product like Killz. It sometimes takes a couple of coats. Once the Killz is totally dry, the stain should quit bleeding though. It can then be painted over. Just keep in mind, if you are using a water based paint, use water based Killz. If you are using an oil based paint, use an oil based Killz.

Can you stain balua wood?

You can stain balsa wood.

Can I stain my teak patio furniture?

Patio furniture made out of teak wood can be stained after washing it with soapy water, and letting it dry over night. When it is dry, sand it, wipe off any dust, then apply stain.

What to do to lighten oak hardwood stain if it is too dark?

It can be very difficult to try to lighten stain on wood once it is applied. The best way to do it is to sand the wood down and start over.

What is wood stain used for?

Wood stain is for sealing and emphasising the natural colour of wood

How do you go from oil stain to latex?

Oil stain is for bringing out the colour in wood. -If you feel it needs a latex stain, just paint it over -I don't see the point.

Can you put oil based stain over plastic wood?


How can I varnish over oil wood stain?

Use an oil based varnish .

How do you wash wood stain out of hair?

removel of wood stain in hair

If raw cedar exterior board was painted with an oil-based stain with full color 15 years ago can you paint over it with a water-based stain?

Generally, yes, although the water-based stain may run a small amount after application if the wood still has a lot of oil present in it. After 15 years, it should be okay.

How do you remove a urine stain out of wood?

soak it bleach and soap and hot water