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If you have a standard solution of an acid, like hydrochloric or sulfuric, you can perform a titration in the presence of phenolphtalein or methyl orange and calculate the solution's normality or, you can weigh a sample of a strong solid acid ( orthoiperiodic acid or even oxalic acid), titrate the acid with the hydroxide solution, again in the presence of phenolphtalein or methyl orange and calculate the concentration of NaOH. If you want to have a solution with an exact concentration, let's say 1 molar, and the actual concentration is 1,33 molar, you simply calculate how much water you need to ad in a specific quantity of solution, to dilute it to exactly 1 molar.

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Q: How do you standardize a solution of NaOH and what reagents to be used?
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What amount of NaOH is required to prepare 1N NaOH solution and why only that amount is used?

40 grams, this is the 1M NaOH standard laboratory solution.

What solution should be used to neutralise HCl?


How many milliliters of 6.0 M NaOH must be used to prepare 1.0 liter of 0.10 M solution?

MaVa=MbVb (6.0M NaOH)(x)=(0.10M solution)(1.0L) x=0.017L of 6.0M NaOH Convert to mL (1000mL in 1L) 17mL of 6.0M NaOH

Why did you use KHP to standardize the NaOH solution?

The reasons KHP is used as a primary standard are as follows: (1) It is not hydroscopic, (2) it has a high molecular weight, so a reasonable amount to titrate can be easily weighed, and (3) it is stable at temperatures over 100°C so that any water may be driven off by heating.

What Reagents are used in osazone test?

Reagents of Osazone test are 1. Phenylhydrazine mixture consisting of phenyl-hydrazine and anhydrous sodium citrate 2. Orignal solution containing a carbohydrate

What is the function in the following reagents used in the extraction and precipitation of DNA?

to extract the DNA from the solution, isopropyl alcohol is mixed with the DNA solution to precipitate the same.

What is double titration?

Double titration is a process were the first titration is used to standardize a titrant and the second titration is used to find the molarity of the unknow solution.

0.2 N NaOH solution preparation?

1. Weigh 80 g NaOH. 2. Put this NaOH in a 1 L volumetric flask. 3. Add slowly 200 mL distilled water and stir. 4. Put the flask in a thermostat at 20 0C and maintain for 1 hour. 5. Add distilled water up to the mark. Stir vigorously. 6. Standardize the solution by titration with oxalic acid, potassium hydrogen phtalate, etc. 7. Transfer the solution in a bottle and apply a label (date, name of the operator, name of the solution, normality).

What substance can be used to get rid of sulphur dioxide?

Sulfur doxide can be removed with a caustic solution such as NaOH in water.

What are the reagents used in the estimation of antioxidants?

There are various reagents that are used in the estimation of antioxidants. Folin-Ciocalteu and DPPH are the most common reagents used in determining antioxidant activity.?æ

Suppose your laboratory instructor inadvertently gave you a sample of khp that was contaminated with nacl to standardize your naoh how would this affect the normality you calculated for your naoh sol?

Potassium acid phthalate is a common primary standard used to standardize bases. Obviously, it would depend upon how much NaCl was present, but the end result will be to reduce the amount of available H+ for the mass of KHP-NaCl mixture. That would cause you to understate the concentration of the base.

What is the common primary standard used in the laboratory to standardize of NaOH and HCl?

Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3) is most commonly used to standardise acids as it is non-hygroscopic (doesn't absorb water from the atmosphere).Oxalic Acid (HOOCCOOH or H2C2O4) used to standardise bases