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How do you start labor at 37 weeks?

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The doctor gives you medication to soften the cervix and a drop to start contractions. Starting labor, and especially before you are due at 37 weeks, is something only doctors do.

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37 weeks my cervix is softening and have had strong braxton hicks Will labor come soon?

My cervix is soft...when will labor start?

When can labor start at 37 weeks?

A normal pregnancy lasts 38-40 weeks. Starting at 37 weeks is not too much to worry about - lots and lots of babies come early.

What is full term labor?

37 weeks

If you have nausea at 37 weeks could this be a sign of labor?

Labor is not accompanied by nausea. But if you have it at 37 weeks, check your blood pressure, you might be having preeclampsia.

Im 37 weeks pregnant and getiing lower backache and pain in stomach and keep going to the toilet just wondered if if could be the start of labor?

I had this happen with my first child at exactly 37 weeks & it was the start of labor. Contact your OB/Gyn or midwife ASAP & they will tell you what to do. Mine told me to head to Labor & Delivery. Good luck!

Is it safe to go into labor at 37 weeks?

Yes, in most cases.

What should i do i have pains after sex at 37 weeks pregnant?

If you are 37 weeks, you are full term, it could be labor, sometimes sex can bring on labor. If the pain is really bad go to the hospital. Hope this helps

37 weeks pains in your lower abdomen and in top of your legs?

labor coming on.

How can you induce labor at 34 weeks?

Why would you want to induce labor that early? The babys lungs are not ready yet. Let it come on its on , at least wait until 37 weeks.

How can you induce labor at 37 weeks and 4 cm dialted?

castrol oil or get membranes stripped

What will happen of you take castor oil at 37 weeks pregnant?

It is possible that it will start labor, but it isn't recommended because it can also cause severe diarrhea, which could sput stress on the baby.

Can you ask your doctor to induce your labor at 37 weeks 4 days if your dilated to 3 cm?


Will labor start soon if I am 37 weeks 2cm dilated station 0 and having lots of irregular contractions or can I still have a couple weeks to go?

There is really no straight answer for that. Your baby is fully engaged, but that doesn't necessarily mean labor is imminent. It does mean that your body is getting ready though. Good luck!

How do you describe premature labor?

Premature labor is contractions that occur after 20 weeks and before 37 weeks during pregnancy. The baby is more likely to survive and be healthy if it remains in the uterus for the full term of the pregnancy.

You are 35 weeks and having contractions will your baby be ok?

If you aren't yet 37 weeks (full term) and having labor symptoms, you need to contact your Doctor!

How can you induce labor or tell how much time is left if you are 37 weeks 3 days a loose 1cm 60 percent thinned and having contractions regularly?

There is no way to predict how much time is left. Inducing labor at 37 weeks is not recommended, as the baby may have complications. The baby will probably when it is ready, & if not, you should be induced at 41-42 weeks.

When is the earliest you can go into labor?

to be induced 37 weeks and not sure on if your in active labor the earliest ive heard someone going into labor on their own is 28 weeks with lots of hospitalization because of fetal problem such as breathing problems sucking problem retardation and many others

Is 37 weeks full 9 months can you have the baby from 37 weeks?

Yes, @ 37 weeks you are considered full term.

How do premature labor and false labor differ?

a premature labor occurs when the fetus has been developing in the womb for 37 weeks or less, a false labor is when the mother feels contractions and believes the labor may have begun hours or days before the actual labor starts.

37 weeks and 4 days dilated to 1 and thinning cervix and also lost mucus plug could labor be near?

This doesn't nessecarily mean you will go into labor by the week is out, but it is near. Labor could be a few hours, days or even weeks away. Just be sure to start counting your contractions, and if contractions become more severe, and more regular, call your practitioner.

37 weeks is how many months?

37 weeks is 8.5 months.

How many weeks are in 37 days?

There are 5 weeks in 37 days.

Will vinegar induce labor at 37 weeks?

Vinegar will not induce labor. Please don't think about inducing pre-term labor. There's a reason why elective inductions before 38 weeks are such a controversy now. Contact your prenatal health care provider to discuss your concerns and the reasons that you want to go into labor preterm.

When you are 37 weeks pregnant how soon can active labor start when you are 1 cm dilated and effaced 90 percent?

== == Theoretically, as long as you are past the point where the fetus is viable, active labor can begin any time in any pregnancy, no matter how much you are dilated or effaced. This means you could go into active labor in four minutes, four days, four weeks, etc. There's really no way to tell.

Im 38.5 weeks pregnant how can you start your labor?

Keep in mind that your due date is only an estimate. The majority of women will give birth sometime between 37 and 42 weeks. It is hard to start your labour unless your body is ready. Having sex can help soften your cervix, an orgasm or walking can help bring contractions.