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How do you stiffen hair-on-cowhide?

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My upholstery man uses hair spray.

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What is the present tense for stiffen?

I/you/we/they stiffen. He/she/it stiffens.

How do you use stiffen in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.That leather will stiffen if you let it get wet.I felt him stiffen in shock as he saw the boss walk in unexpectedly.You can stiffen lace by adding starch.

Why do cats stiffen when they die?

The same reason Humans stiffen. Rigormortis: It's a chemical change in the muscles shortly after death.

What is used to stiffen fabric?


What is the base word in stiffened?


Why does your toe stiffen up?

lack of potassium

What disorder causes joints to stiffen and swell?


What is another word for harden?

set, solidify, stiffen, :)

How do you stiffen frosting so you can decorate a cake with it?

Refrigerate it.

Why does egg white stiffen when whisked?

its full of chickens

What changes to a gas at and below the surface?

the molecues stiffen up

What is a disease that may cause joints to swell or stiffen?


Is it normal for a 3 month old infants to stiffen when crying?

Yes it normal for infants to stiffen when crying or screaming. It is caused by the action of crying (try screaming really loud and you will find that you tense your body), they also stiffen if they do not want to be picked up. As long as the stiffness does not last beyond the crying there is nothing to worry about.

What does samar mean in Hebrew?

samar (סמר) = "to stiffen" or "to stand on end"

What happens to parakeets when you give them beer?

They pass away and stiffen up

What to do if you make marshmallows and it won't stiffen?

just freeze the marshmallows then bake them I have tried it.

What is starch used for?

starch is used to stiffen garments so that they don't crest easily

What is the disease that may cause joints to swell or stiffen?

Arthritis which comes in various forms.

How do you stiffen fabric?

use fabric starch - find it in the laudry aisle in your grocery store

Why when girls get cold their nipples stiffen?

blood is blue inside the body . kenzi is a noob.

What happens when a woman gets sexually aroused?

Her vagina gets wet and her nipples stiffen.

When egg whites are whipped they stiffen into a meringue The change that occurs in the protein is called?


How do you stiffen egg whites?

The easiest way to do this is to beat them. This process is called denaturation. I recommend adding a little bit of sugar as this will help stiffen the peaks. DO NOT USE A PLASTIC BOWL! Plastic absorbs fats and fats will ruin your egg foam.

If you dye lacrosse mesh?

it will stiffen up - if you have soft mesh it will turn it to a colored hard mesh

As sound levels increase in the spiral organ of Corti?

outer hair cells stiffen the basilar membrane

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