How do you stop Facebook user sending you emails on Facebook?

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Log into your Email account (the one you get FB mails to). Open the FB mail, or tick it. Go to options and choose report to spam. After a while FB would stop Emailing you.
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How do you quit Facebook from sending messages to email?

You don't have to have Facebook completely stop sending you email notifications. It gives you the option to pick which things you want to be notified about. To change this set

How do you send email to facebook team?

I want my profile to my account to be nil forever, and this isbecause unknown somebody added some abussive words to my profilewith intend to fraud and make me be seen hopeless

How do you get facebook to stop sending you emails?

>'Account' >'Account Settings' >(left side of screen) 'Notifications' >(scroll to bottom and you can see;) 'All Notifications' >You will see sth like this image

How do you send an Email to Facebook?

If you're referring to Facebook staff I don't believe that there is such a feature, however you can report abuse through links and such if needed. Other than that I don't beli

How can you send an email to Facebook?

This is my question is how to send an email to Facebook? But I will cut and paste an email I am wanting to send to whomever is running the programme because I want to get back

How do you get Facebook to stop sending you notifications?

Sign in to your Facebook account. . Click 'Account' in the top right hand corner. . Click 'Account Settings'. . Click the 'Notifications' tab. . Remove the check marks fro
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What do you do if facebook doesn't send you emails anymore?

put your mouse over the settings tab on the top of the screen in facebook, go to account settings, then click on the smaller tab that says notifications, then you can personal
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How do you stop someone from emailing you on facebook?

You could try Account / Privacy Settings / Block Lists and add the person's name in the block users box. The help text for this facility says: Once you block someone, that
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How do you get a Facebook app to stop emailing you?

It is ver simple. 1st go to the Facebook website. 2nd log in 3rd go to privacy settings 4th go to emails and notifications 5th select do not send me emails about my
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How do you send AOL email to Facebook?

You can send AOL email to Facebook by linking the accounts. When you link your accounts you will see your AOL contacts on Facebook. You can send an AOL email to someone's Face