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How do you stop a 1992 Saturn SL from misfiring?

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2006-12-02 08:40:22

First, run a compression test. Mark the sparkplug wire positions

with tape or wire markers, then pull all spark plug wires and

sparkplugs. Examine the plugs as you remove them, looking for one

plug that is damaged or fouled. Next use a compression gauge to

test the compression on cylinder 1, crank the engine then record

the compression of the cylinder. Next move to cylinder 2, 3 and

then 4. If any compression level is much lower than the rest, you

probably have a burned valve and you'll need major engine repair to

stop the misfiring. If compression is ok, but you have 1 or more

fouled sparkplugs, replace ALL plugs and plug wires, making sure to

connect the new plug wires back in the same order as the old ones,

also making sure that the plug GAP is set properly. If it still

misfires check the computer codes using a computer diagnostic code

reader. You can borrow, rent or buy a code reader from most auto

parts retailers. Many will even help you connect the code reader

and interpret the results.

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