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MAKE SURE REAR BRAKES ARE ADJUSTED UP, AND THARE ARE WORKING. WITH ABS BRAKS ON REAR YOU CAN'T AJUST TO TIGHT, THE ABS LIGHT WILL COME ON.IF IT DOES BACK OFF THE ADJUSTMENT. More input: * Ford has a problem with front brakes in 99 Rangers, and other years, so much so that, according to the service rep I talked to, recall repairs would be a financial nightmare. The fix is to bring your truck to an authorized dealer for regular maintenance. Ford has come up with a "secret" silicon that stops the calipers from freezing up and eating your pads and discs. The authorized dealers have signed a paper stating that they won't disclose the type, name, etc, of the silicon. I had that same problem, went through 4 sets of pads and 3 discs between 1999 and 2004 until bringing it into a good dealer/maintenance shop. Haven't had a problem since. File ears of the brake pad until it sildes easly in the caliper

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Q: How do you stop a 99 Ford Ranger from eating front brakes?
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May have air in the system and have to be bled Check the flexible brake lines (front) to make sure they are not ruptured and are ballooning when brakes are applied

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A 1995 Ford Ranger has shock absorbers on the front and rear

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because your brake pads or ABS in broken. take it to macco they fix it up right

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For a 2004 Ford Ranger : Shock absorbers , front and rear

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Buy a service manual and read it.