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Plug up the rabbit holes with dirt. The rabbits will move on. This is a natural instinct for many terrier breeds because they are hunters of rodents, rabbits, etc. Sometimes you can use a "cone" that you would get for your pet from the vet so they can't bite stitches or lick surgical wounds and the next time you take your dog out put that cone on his/her head and take an empty wax paper tube with a medium sized chain attached inside (it will make a big noise when smacked on the ground) and when the dog tries to go down the rabbit hole (won't be able too if you have a large enough cone on his/her head) then smack the ground (NEVER the dog) with the empty wax paper tube and chain inside and sternly (don't yell) say "NO!" (always use one word or you'll confuse the dog.) It will make a loud noise, and frighten the dog. It shouldn't take more than a week if you are constantly at the dog. Then, you can try taking the cone off the dogs neck. If the dog still persists, so must you and use the same method. Marcy

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Q: How do you stop a small terrier from going down rabbit holes?
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