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You can buy a special nail paint or lacquer from the chemist, once you have treated your nails they will taste so awful that this stops you biting them.

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Putting that stuff on your nails tastes so bad that i started tasting it on my food. Search: "How do you stop a bad habbit of bitting your nails if you want your nail to be long and pretty like the other girls but you just can't help from bitting them?" for better answers.

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How do you stop bitting nails?

just stop bitting them! i am not a genuis!!Answer 2:wow that helped ^ try searching "How do you stop a bad habbit of bitting your nails if you want your nail to be long a pretty like the other girls but you just can't help from bitting them"for better answers than "just stop".

How do you stop bitting your skin around your nails?

stype biting your nails. To help stop biting your nails you can always have something in your mouth like gum or something

What do you have to do and eat for your nails to grow?

Hi! What do you have to eat for your nails to grow longer? Well, of ourse a healthy diet is an valuable substance for nails to grow and become stronger. But one thing you need to know is that when you want to grow your nails bitting them will not help. So, here a thought eat a healthy diet and stop bitting your nails, and they will grow but it takes time.

How do you stop nail bitting?

There are special nail polishes that taste really bad if you bite your nails, but are nontoxic... or.... you can get a really pretty manicure so you won't want to bite your nails

What is something Princeton from mindless behavior hates?

bitting is nails

How can i stop bitting my nails?

I have the same problem. Just try and not do it for 3 weeks and then it should be cured, but if that doesn't work put somethin' you really don't like on your nails (i used hot sauce)

Does Taylor Swift bite her nails?

Yes ... She has a habit of bitting her nails but she has so much beauty that her nails cant even tell

How do you put habit in a sentence?

I have a bad habit of bitting my nails when I get nervous.

What is Miley Cyrus' bad habit?

Her bad Habit is Bitting her nails.

What causes people to bite their nails?

the tention keepo us bitting our nail

How do i stop my dog from bitting?

get a dog trainer?

To make him stop hold his mouth for 10 secs and if he stops bitting give him a treat?

to stop him bitting hold his mouth for 10 secs and if s/he stops give him or she a treat and cep on doing it 1 a week he or she will stop bitting. from Blake carter age 14

How can you get a dog to stop bitting?

spray it with water when it bites

How do you have better nails?

This is my favorite question. You simply need to stop bitting your nails. If this is a habit at clairs or icing they hav something to put on your nail. the stuff just help u not to bit your nails.if u bit ur nails it will hav a discusting taste but it helps. trim ur nails and file them and take care of ur nail beds

How do you stop biting your nails even if you have tried nail stop varnish?

Thre is away you can stop. It is kind of discusting though. So is bitting your nails. What you will need to do is scratch your but alot for awhile. Keeping ample amounts of feces on your finger to cause immediate sickening feeling. Even getting your fingrs close to your mouth! although if you chewed nail stop you may well be cappable of eating well you know. I Hope I was Helpful

My puppy wont stop bitting me and other objects what do I do?

What you need to do is get an empty spray bottle and fill it with water.When the puppy or dog bites you, you spray it. it should stop bitting you.Whenever the dog bites you spray it as said

Does sally hansen hard as nails work?

Yes, it really does. Before I was bitting my nails to the nub now I apply the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, and it makes then harder and grow. It's been a work I been growing my nails and I see results from the last time.

How to stop bitting your nails?

what I would do is soak your fingertips in lemon juice or Tabasco sauce for about 5 min. a day. this way, when you go to bite your nails, you get a bad taste and don't want to any more.\ well what i also do is just put nail polish..and it would just taste

How do you stop a bad habit of bitting your nails if you want your nail to be long a pretty like the other girls but you just can't help from bitting them?

Last year I too was biting my nails and I bit them till they hurt! They didn't look good at all! People kept telling me to stop and they all said that If you soak your fingers in nail polish remover, they'll taste bad and you wont put them in your mouth. They also told me to wrap my nails in tape, so I couldn't bite my nails. They didn't work for me but you can try those two suggestions if you haven't already. The way I stopped biting my nails was by keeping them short and clean. I polished them once a week with a red nail polish. I then was able to see just how much I was biting my nails by how much the nail polish was chipped. I then set goals to how long I could go with out making a single chip. I now have pretty nails.

What is the best way to stop your 9 week old German Shepard to stop bitting you?

Introduce the dog to lots of chew toys.

How do you stop your dog bitting you?

You hit it will a spiked base-ball bat until it stops moving.

What age will a puppy stop biting?

The puppy will stop bitting at around 2 years old. Although it may never stop if you continue to allow it to do so :)

How do you train your bird to stop bitting me and other people?

You would have to place your finger on its beak and leave the finger on the beak for 30 seconds, or you could let the bird bite you so it will think your not scared of the birds bitting so 'no more bitting fo me!' (might not work for other birds).

How do you stop nails from breaking?

By drinking lots of milk, it strengthen nails

How can you stop bitting your nails?

Yes you can since it is a habit and you can stop habits. I use to bite me nails and one day decided not to, so I replaced it with something else. Every time I feel like I want to bite them I groom them. I carry a file around with me and use it. I have found that when there is a sharp edge and they feel uneven or get broken that is the time I am most apt to bite them so the file takes the place of that. I don't bite them and they look good.