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How do you stop exhaust fumes entering the cabin of a Porsche 944 when the windows are open?



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Your rear hatch probably needs adjusted or you need a new hatch seal. This happened to me after I painted my car. If this was the case, the fumes would be there all the time. I 'm led to believe that, in the 944, when you open a window or the sunroof, it creates a differential pressure in the cabin. This then tries to 'suck' hot engine air (not exhaust) through the base of the gear lever. If the gaiter is well sealed, it just gets very hot. Any gaps, and the hot engine air comes in. Brilliant - open a window (at speed) and it gets hot and/or smelly. The real question is - how do we stop it? I'm no engineer but I should have thought it possible to make an air deflector to fit under the gear lever. demonpedro