How do you stop liking a female friend who is dating again?


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you can't stop liking a female friend who is dating again. But if you like her, you need to learn to move on and let her get on with it. If it isn't right for her, she'll come back and then you can tell her how you feel. but telling her now will only complicate things for her, and she may not appreciate it. hope this helps!

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yes it can. but sometimes its not. if you both agree to break up it might but if your friend is like crying it wont. if your not friends for a while give your friend a apology.

Well you can always start hanging out with them for a really long time and if you do your best guy friend will probablly start liking you when they start to get to know you better but, it depends on what they think of you and what you think of them.

I think you would have had a better chance if she wasn't dating your friend. You should have waited until a few days after they eventually broke up. Try again then.

To really give meaningful advice about your relationship with your best friend, I would have to know a lot more about you, and about why your best friend has stopped liking you. However, in the absence of any such information I can still suggest that few people can resist the offer of a slice of pizza.

I think it depends. one one hand, it is your boyfriend and if you think he is right for you no one can stop you from liking him, but you might feel wrong dating him if you still have some feelings for your ex. if you do not think it is worth it, then i would not suggest it (it might affect your reputation somehow.) again, it is entirely up to you and how you feel about it.

This exact thing happened to me... I went back out with my ex and stopped liking him. We broke up again. I don't really speak to him anymore... But my best friend went back out with her ex and they're okay... It just depends on the two of you. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Yes and no. A good friend wouldn't do that immediately. Then again you shouldn't have broken up with him if you still love him. Talk to her and try to get an understanding on how you both feel.

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Sorry, but if she makes an excuse to stop liking you (like not seeing you again) she's not worth your time. Girls who really like you would at least try to make the relationship work despite the distances.

If your crush used to like you, you can show him that you care for him and he will start liking you again.

Close friends should be honest with you and your friend probably just does not want to hurt you. You will have to be honest with your friend and tell them you know they are dating your ex and how you feel about it. Honesty is always the best policy. You also need to move on as your ex is free to date whom they please. Go out with other friends and have some fun and start dating again.

After a year, you are better to give her a couple of weeks (at least!). Just show her you will support her, and make it clear you do so only for friendly reasons. When she seems sufficiently recovered, then ask her if she is thinking about dating again, and slowly turn the conversation towards yourself and her together.

Tell him/her that you want to be friends again. Not that hard.

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