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There are two possible problems. 1. The filter valve gasket needs to be replaced. If the gasket is bad it will allow sand to pass through the filter ports and either enter to pool or go into the backwash line. 2. The laterals in the bottom of the sand filter are damaged. You will need to remove the sand from the tank and inspect the laterals. You can see a diagram of the inside of a sand filter here Answer #1 is wrong !! You have inadvertantly dumped the sand into the filter without covering the stand pipe coming up from the lower center of the filter. The sand may eventually stop coming thru as it is consumed by sending it out to the pool. The stand pipe is full of sand and will take a while to clear. You could open the filter and remove all the sand and start over after removing the stand pipe and cleaning the seat or the stand pipe. Once cleaned replace the stand pipe then tape a cup or a heavy plastic over the top of the stand pipe then refill the filter with the #20 silica sand. Once you have added all the required amount of sand then clean the seat and o-ring area before mounting the valve. Start the filter in the B/W position and run briefly to clear, stop the pump and rotate the valve to "filter".

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Well i have a pool myself, and sand is not wanted in it. The rocks in it can puncture the liner (if it has a liner). You should vacuum it out with a pool vacuum.

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Q: How do you stop sand from coming into the pool after you have changed the sand and cleaned the pool and backwashed it?
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