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I had the same thing happen to my 1997 bird my door sensors needed to be adjusted because they didnt get all the way pressed down when the door shut

When this happened to my 1989 Tbird, it was because the automatic seat belts were not working and they were stuck on the "on" position. This was fixed by disconnecting the wires to the automatic seat belt and just sort of pulling it on and off. We were lucky that it wasn't stuck in the "off" position or the belt would have been unsafe. you.

i pulled the chime out from behind the glovebox , mine did the same thing .

I had a 1994 Thunderbird LX with the same problem. The ignition was replaced and that stopped the chiming.

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Q: How do you stop the door chime from going off when you are driving and the doors are shut on a Ford Thunderbird?
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