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Try unlocking the car doors, its probably the alarm throwing a fit.

2006-10-23 05:07:58
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Where is the battery on a 71 vw super beetle?

On my 71 beetle the battery is located under the backseat.

What is the correct battery for a 2002 VW Beetle 2.0?

what is the cost to replace a battery in a volkswagen beetle 2002

Battery in Volkswagen beetle?

What year of beetle that make's a difference.

How do you stop the beeping when the convertible top is down on the vw beetle?

one option is to find the beeping mechanism and simply unplug the wires to it. the beeper should be near the bottom of the steering wheel.

What size of battery is on a 1976 VW beetle?

Should be a 12 volt battery.

What size battery does a 1970 Volkswagen beetle need?

A "Group 42" battery

What size 12 volt battery goes in to a vw beetle?

You need an international battery.

Does a 1971 Volkswagen beetle have a 12 volt or a 6volt battery?

12 volts battery.

How many volts is a 2007 VW beetle battery?

It is considered a 12 volt battery.

Where is the circuit breaker on a new beetle?

on top of battery

Battery in a 71 beetle?

12v and 36 ah

What battery does your 1967 VW Beetle need?

The 12v model of the 1967 vw beetle is a group 42.

Where is the battery in a 1979 VW Beetle?

it is under the back seat

Where is the battery on a 1976 VW Beetle?

Under the rear seat

Where is the battery on a 1973 beetle?

check under the back seat

Where is the battery in a 1967 VW Beetle?

under the rear seat

Where is the battery in a 72 super beetle?

Under the back seat

How do you change the battery in a vw 1998 beetle?

LOOK for the bolts in front of the battery compartement. Use a ratchet.

2000 vw beetle radio quit when battery died?

Yes it did.

What size battery does 1974 Volkswagen Beetle need?

12 volt

Where is the battery located in a 2002 VW Beetle?

The batter on a 2002 VW Beetle is under the hood. It is on the driver's side and has a black cover over it.

How do you change the battery on your 2000 vw beetle?

Well, it depends if you know how. The battery is usually found in the inside. Fiind a professional

What type of battery for a 1974 super beetle?

1967 and later models have 12-volt systems (12-volt battery) !!

Where is the battery located in a 1957 volkswagen beetle?

The battery in a VW beetles is located underneath the rear seat on the passenger side.

How do you know if you need a new battery on a 2000 Volkswagen beetle?

Remove the battery and have it tested at any auto parts store.