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How do you stop thinking?

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by listening to


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What song contains the lyrics can't stop thinking about you can't stop thinking about you?

"I can't stop thinking about you" by Steve Moakler

What do you have to do to stop thinking about owls?

In order to stop thinking of owls, you must stop playing the Game.

How do you stop missing Anthony?

stop thinking about him

how do i stop thinking of suicide?

call a help line or help others in need

Do obsessions go away if you stop thinking about them?

Yes I think they do go away if you stop thinking about them

How do you stop thinking of someone?

Take a hammer in your right hand, smash your left thumb with it, and I promise you will stop thinking about someone!

How do you stop masterbathing?

you can stop masterbathing by just simplily stop thinking of the things that want you to !

How do you avoid nightmares?

stop thinking about it

You cannot stop thinking of him?


How do you stop thinking you're pregnant?

take a pregnancy test if you are pregnant then it will set your mind at rest if your not then you will stop thinking you are because you will know your not.

How do you stop thinking about something that makes you sad?

by thinking about something that makes you happy!!!!

How can you stop joking about Engelbert Humperdinck?

stop thinking about Engelbert Humperdinck

How can you stop joking about Wayne Newton?

stop thinking about Wayne Newton

How can you stop joking about Tom Jones?

Stop thinking about Tom Jones.

How do i stop thinking so much about this one girl that left me?

Do what you love doing maybe it get off your mind if you stop thinking about her or maybe you and her can be friends.

How can you stop thinking if im a freak?

Your not a freak nobody is. Just be happy with yourself and dont worry about what people think of you. Then you will stop thinking your a freak

Do brain cells die when you stop thinking?

brain cells die all the time, it is almost impossible to tell if they die when you stop thinking.

Can a person think about thinking while trying to sleep but they keep on thinking and they can't stop thinking?

Yes, it does depend on what you are thinking about thinking of but if you keep thinking about thinking, or anything for the matter really, you won't fall asleep.

How do you you get over something scary?

stop thinking about it

How do you stop thinking about a girl?

Think about a boy.

What is an idea you cant stop thinking about?

an obsession :)

How do you get your girlfriend to stop thinking you are cheating on her?

By not doing it.

How can you prevent drop out at school?

Stop thinking about it!

How do you stop talking nonsense?

stop thinking about the nonsense then you can stop it from coming out of your mouth and won't sound stupid

What do you do when you can't stop thinking about a girl?

I am a girl and if I like a boy and can't stop thinking about him I try to think about somthing else like school or other things. But if u can't sleep because u are thinking about a girl than do something about it like tell her how u can't stop thinking about her or if it is a total secret then maybe just keep thinking about her and it might get better.

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