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Be sure to rake up all of the acorns that fall on the ground.

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How can you save deforestation?

we are stop the cutting of the trees and we are growth new plants and trees by dugging the trees

What does sprouting mean?

Sprouting is usually used in reference to when plants begin to grow or send out new growth. Shoots and buds come from new plant growth.

What types of trees grow in New England?

I live in New Hampshire. We have birch trees, weeping willows, evergreens, maple trees, oak trees, beech trees, and more. (:

Do porcupines live in trees?

yes new world porcupines live in trees unlike old world porcupines who live in the ground

What is the sprouting of a new plant structure called?


How you can stop deforestation?

The easiest is recycling. Another way we can help stop it, is by using less paper, using less paper will let us cut less trees. Also, we can plant new trees, planting new trees is like your reforesting!

What is Canada doing to stop deforestation?

To stop deforestation, we must stop cutting down trees at such a fast rate. We also need to stop cutting down trees just to build new buildings. You can write letters to your congressmen to attempt to get laws passed to put a limit on how many trees are cut down.

What kind of trees do bees live in?

because they do not find a new one.

My live oak keeps sprouting up new growth from it's roots not acorns. What can I do to stop the growth of the sprouts?

One of the best solutions to preventing new growth from the roots is to use water permeable landscape fabric in conjunction with dirt. Make a skirt for the tree out of the landscape fabric, and cover with dirt until no roots are exposed.

How do you stop a wage garnishment that was ordered in New York but you live in Texas?

How do I stop a wage garnishment that was ordered in Missouri but I live in Texas?

What plants live in the new zealand rainforest?

ferns, moss, trees etc.

What process occurs when planarians grow a new head fission regeneration sprouting or budding?


Who is helping the red-cockaded woodpecker?

by making them new homes and stop cutting down trees

What trees do the tree kangaroos live in?

Tree kangaroos live in any of the trees of the tropical rainforest in Australia and New Guinea - any variety that has a solid trunk and branches, and broad leaves.

What is a sugar glider's natural environment?

They live in trees in Tasmania, Australia, and New Guinea.

Who is cutting down trees in the rainforest?

scientists cut down trees because they are looking for new specie's such as ants which live in the bark sometimes

When the axons of healthy neurons adjacent to damaged cells grow new branches what happens?

Collateral Sprouting

Why do macaws live in the rainforest?

So they can get there food easily and so they can live in the trees and if it falls down they could moveto a new one.

What happens to the mocking birds if the trees where they live were cut down?

They would find a new tree.

Do honeylocust trees live in Louisiana?

Yes, honey locust trees do live in Louisiana. They are found in much of the southern United States and range as far north as Pennsylvania and even into New York state.

Why do trees live in certain places such as how birch trees only live in New England and not in California or why do giant red oaks only live in California and not New England?

Birch trees grow in many places, not just New England. They are very common in the Midwest. There is a natural limitation on the area of growth of any plant depending on how seeds are spread - by wind, by animals, etc. The growth area of some trees has been expanded by humans planting or transplanting the trees in other areas. Some trees are limited by their growing needs, such as moisture, temperature or soil type. For example, palm trees and citrus trees cannot withstand a cold winter freeze, which limits their area to warmer climates.

When did the The Dust Bowl Stop?

In 1935 scientists strategically placed trees in spots on the Great Plains. These trees helped reduce the wind and promote new scientific methods of farming.

What would happen if maple trees stoped making seeds?

Many things would happen if Maple Trees stopped making trees. The main thing that would happen is, new Maple Trees would stop growing and eventually the species of trees could go extinct.Ê

How can desertification be prevented?

Stop cutting down trees and vegitation. Instead plant new ones, but it begins with stopping the cutting.

What season does tomatoes grow in?

Over here in New Zealand, Tomatoes start sprouting in latespring/early summer.

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