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How do you straighten your hair without damaging it?


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March 13, 2010 4:05AM

It's fairly easy to protect your hair from damaging. There are two options.-

-You could purchase a heat proctection serum, it is fairly priced and works well, this is what I use. You simply spray it into your hand(it is a goey type of texture) and rub it into your hair after bathing or showering, then blow-dry(THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). Straighten you hair immediately after hair is COMPLETELY dry. Attention: Your hair may appear frizzy, in this case, take a spray bottle and fill with water, then lighty shower hair and brush through slowly, this should calm frizz and moisten hair, both are very good things.

-Another option is to go and get your hair straightened professionally. This is semi-permanent, and it may cost a little more, but it is absolutely worth it. Most hair salons offer this for about $50-$70, again, absolutely worth it. Suprisingly, this meathod is acctually good for your hair! It helps restore roots and rebuild hair cells.