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First you have to find all of the little branches that come up in between the big branches of the plant and the stem and pinch them off at the stem. (They will come off easily). But then you have to look for the ground suckers. (branches that grow upward from the roots of the plant.) Tear off the ground suckers at the bottom and that's it! You may have to keep repeating this for awhile until you get your tomatoes to ripen. Suckering tomato plants will increace the size of your tomatos and decrease the amount of small, little tomatoes. Have fun!!

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Q: How do you sucker tomato plants?
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What is a sucker on a tomato plant?

A sucker on a tomato plant is simply an extra stem that starts growing between the main stem and every leaf stem.

How do you prune tomato plants?

Tomato plants can be pruned by removing the "sucker" stems that grow between the main stem and the side stem. You will notice they look like a small leaf that starts growing into a stem. It comes out at a 45 degree angle and is easy to spot.

Mandy has a garden in which three fifths of the plants are tomato plants of the tomato plants one third are cherry tomato plants what fraction of the plants in Mandys garden are cherry tomato plants?

1/5 or her garden is cherry tomatoes.

Are there other plants besides a tomato plant?

There are many thousands of different plants besides tomato plants. And there are many hundreds of varieties of tomato plants.

What do you do to tomato plants in the winter?

Tomato plants should be allowed to die in the winter.

Do tomato plants have cells?

YES! of course tomato PLANTS have PLANT cells!

How do tomato plants get food?

Tomato plants get their nutrients from the soil. The absorb in into their system by using their roots. Tomato plants also need light and oxygen, which they get from their leaves.

What does a tomato worm eat?

Tomato plants

Do raccoons eat tomato plants?

No, they will not eat tomato plants as they are poisonous. However, they will eat the tomato fruit.

To test how fertilizer affects tomato plants a farmer divided a field of young tomato plants into 10 plots of equal size. The farmer then put fertilizer on half of the plots and no fertilizer on the o?

Amount of fertilizer (apex)

What insect eats the whole leaf of tomato plants?

tomato worms, also called hookworms or tobacoworms,are what eats the leaf of tomato plants.

Where can you find pictures of tomato plants?

You can find lots of pictures of tomato plants on google images.

Do tomato plants have any medicinal properties?

Tomato Plants Make Great Skin Moisterisers!

How do you water tomato plants?

Yes you do water tomato plants but don't over fill with water

What are some examples of sucker plants?


Can you put margold plants in with your tomato plants?

yes supposedly by doing so it stops the tomato plants being attacked by aphids

Where are suckers on tomato plants?

Suckers are usually located towards the bottom of the plant and generally don't have blossoms. There is not agreement among tomato gardeners about whether suckers should be cut off or not. Organic gardener Mike McGrath says if you cut green healthy leaves off a tomato, you are the sucker, because all foliage nourishes the plant and developing fruit through photosynthesis.

Are tomato plants and kiwi plants poisonous to goats?

No, neither kiwi plants or tomato plants are poisonous to goats. Some plants that poisonous to goats are oleander, wild cherry, and lilacs.

Where do tomato plants grow?

Tomato plants will grow in most temperate areas. They do not like frosts or excessive heat.

Do tomato plants get affected by salt?

Yes they do get affected by salt. The tomato plants is not used to be watered by salt water.

What is the function of tomatoes?

it gives you fiber and vitamins. It is also the means that tomato plants use to reproduce. Tomatoes contain tomato seeds which grow new tomato plants.

Does each bloom on a tomato plant produce a tomato?

Every bloom on a tomato plant CAN in fact produce a tomato. I polinate my plants by going from bloom to bloom and "tickling" them. My wife laughs at me for "fondling" my plants, but it works!

How do you pinch out tomatoes?

Tomato plants will put up one main stem and then grow side stems off of the main stem. Suckers will start growing out of the area where the side stem shoots off of the main stem. To prune or pinch your sucker off, simply grab it at its base and snap off. I have linked an article that also gives a photo to show how easy it is to prune your tomato plants.

Are tomato vascular or nonvascular?

Tomato comes under vascular plants

What kind of caterpillar is found on tomato plants?

tomato horn worms.