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How do you survive a zombie chicken attack?

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your best bet is to use a flame thrower

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Yes, because everyone knows its a conspiracy set up the government if it's not from the govt then the answer is Probably! bc if you can live through Ebola you can live through a zombie attack.

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The verb of survival is survive.Other verbs are survives, surviving and survived."We will survive this"."They are surviving on berries and river water","We survived the zombie attack for now".

Throw the zombie at your intended target.

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yes if you have a pet cockroach because they can survive any attack from a nuclear to a can opener attack

Yes. The zombie attack in Miami WAS real. Rudy Eugene was the 'zombie' and Ronald Poppo was the victim. I've been hearing this a lot and I personally believe it's true.

There is no such thing as a bunny chicken.

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It is something you can use to survive a zombie apocalypse.

you try as hard as you possibly can to survive the attack and pray that you live