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Check with a pool company. The change involves a change in chemicals as well as with the pump and circulating equipment. The salt water system is much easier to maintain, the salt is cheaper than the other type of chemicals and it is easier on your pool surface. A salt system IS a chlorine system. chlorine is still the sanitizer. You have the salt so a chlorine generator can make chlorine instead of you having to buy it and deal with it. When you add up the costs, a salt system normally is NOT cheaper per year with replacement and initial outlay costs. The cost for a salt system normally runs from $600 to $1200 PLUS installation. The pump and other equipment does NOT have to be changed. Electricity has to be supplied to the new salt control panel and some replumbing to accommodate the salt cell.

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Q: How do you switch from a chlorine based pool care system to a salt water system in a fiberglass pool following a season that left our pool water in a chlorine demand state?
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