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An iPod can only be synced to one iTunes Library at a time (each computer has a different library).

This means that, if you want to change the computer you manage your iPod with, it will need to be re-synced to the computer in question.

To do this, connect your iPod to the computer you'd rather manage your iPod on. A popup from iTunes will say something along the lines of "This iPod is currently synced to a different Library. Would you like you sync this iPod to this Library instead?" Click Yes.

After that, all the previous information from your other computer's iTunes Library will be erased and replaced with everything that you just synced your iPod with.

From there, you can freely sync your iPod with that computer as you normally would.

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Q: How do you sync your iPod to a different computer?
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How do you sync different music for more than 1 ipod from the same computer?

Just plug the other iPod in and sync it.

How do you inport an ipod's songs onto a different computer's itunes?

if im not mistaken that ipod has to be in sync with the other computer

How do you sync a new iPod to computer?

how do I sync new IPOD to current computer library of music

How do you sync an ipod to a different HP computer?

just install itunes

When you sync your iPod to a different computer will it delete everything on the iPod?

Unfortunately yes, this is the only legal way to transfer which computer you manage your iPod from.

If you sync your Ipod touch to a different computer will it erase your apps?

Not at all. I do this a lot, with my sister's computer.

How do you sync iPod music and video to another iPod on Mac?

If not an iOS device, you must sync with computer, then sync with other iPod.

How sync iPod Touch to computer?

Pretty simple. Download iTunes, plug in your iPod, and click "Sync" on the computer.

How do you sync music to iPod?

Start your computer, Open Itunes. connect your ipod to your computer. It will probaly make you format your Ipod. Click Sync

Why can't I put songs on my ipod without sync them?

You have to sync it because when you sync it go from your computer to your iPod but if you have an iPod touch you can download songs from your iPod's iTunes store.

How do you sync apps from computer to ipod touch?

When you plug your ipod into your computer open itunes and check if the sync options are saying that it will auto sync them if not try to find the button that will auto sync them. : - }

How do you sync your iPod to a new computer that already has iTunes associated with a different iPod?

You have to choose the "Manually Manage Muisic" check box then you only sync the music you want

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