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There are three steps:

1) First, there are two screws that you need to remove. One is located by the chrome door handle that you use to open the door. The second one is located down in the opening on the molded door handle that you grab to close the door (it is probably hidden under a little plastic cover).

2) Once the screws are removed, you now are ready to pull the interior loose from the door. It is held on with plastic snaps. Either grap it along the edges with your finger or pry something between the interior and the door to "pop" it off.

3) After the interior is popped loose, you will need to disconnect the connecting rod that runs from the door latch to the chrome door handle. This can be tricky (it can be even trickier to get it back together).

That should do it.

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Q: How do you take a 1992 Honda Accord door apart?
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