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For my el camino I started with the upper back side in the corner there is a bolt that is on the side that holds a bracket to the door. Take that off, then there is another long bolt that sticks out of the top near the windsheildloose. Then r, take that out. Then take the bolts out of the inside of the door in the corner wedged between the door and frame. Then there is a bolt on the bottom that is obvious. It is near the back of the fender also. Then start on the front fender. There is a big bolt with a bushing on it. Take that out. Repeat the same steps for the other side of the car. It is the same concept .Then take the front bumper off by the bolts mounted on the back of it. Then there will be another bolt on top of the chasis holding a rod into the chasis for the front bumper. Take that out and then shake the front clip/ fender and it will all come loose. Then remove carefully.

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Will the fender off a 1980 El Camino fit a 1979 El Camino?


Does the fenders off of a 1965 El Camino fit on a 1964 el camino?

No, they will not interchange.

Where are the horns located 1985 El Camino?

inside the left front fender

Will a 70 El Camino fender fit a Monte Carlo?

No it will not fit......Jack

Will a 1984 El Camino fender fit a 1979 El Camino?

no, 1973-1977 was the same, 1978-1981 was the same, 1982-1986(87) was the same, you can always jury rig, but it wont ever look right

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you take it off and put a new one on

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The tach works off of the distributor.

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No, 1978- 81 are the same or 1982-1987 are the same. looking at pictures of the 2 fender groups the hood, door seam even the front grill angles are different.

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There was no El Camino SS in 1981

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There is no such thing as an 89 El Camino

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3400 lbs is what a normal El-Camino weights

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