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How do you take a library and put it on your ipod?


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Save your library on a file first, then unplug your iPod. Plug it back into your computer, and it should od the trick.


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Put them in your Itunes library then sync your Ipod to your library.

delete the one on your ipod then drag the one from your library back to your ipod

Just sync your new iPod to you iTunes library. You can only sync your iPod to one library, but you can sync multiple iPods to that library.

just drag the song to the itunes library

I'm almost positive you can only put songs onto the iPod from your library. There is software to "rip" the music from your iPod to a computer. It costs $ but works, you have a backup now of the music on the iPod.

Download them to your computer files thenimport to your iPod thru itunes library.

You just have to transfer the songs from one iPod to an iTunes library, and then transfer those songs in the library to the other iPod.

If you connect the iPod to iTunes, go to the iPod's music library, and then just drag the songs from the iPod to the iTunes music library.

Go to your itunes library uncheck the movie you want to delete then sync your ipod the movie will delete of the ipod but still remain in your library.

go to file in the itunes page and click transfer purchases. ..... this will take some time

In iTunes, go to "file" then "transfer purchases from [your iPod]" Don't know

No, you do not need a CD to put music on your iPod Touch. The individual song just has to be in your iTunes Music library.

Downlaod and install the latest version of iTunes from Install and open it. Plug your iPod in then you can choose to sync your entire library or choose some specific songs to put on your iPod

Open up iTunes and plug in your iPod. You can buy some songs off of iTunes, or put CD's in your disc drive and burn them to your iTunes library. Have 'sync' set to 'on' (default), whenever you plug in your iPod, all of the songs that you added to your iTunes library will be added to the iPod. Make sure the songs you want are 'ticked'.

Yes you can put CD tracks on an ipod. You need to download it to your computer, and then transfer the track to your music library. GOOD LUCK :)

You must sync your iPod from your iTunes library to your iPod, or no music. Syncing does nothing but copies whats in your library, to your iPod. You must sync your iPod from your iTunes library to your iPod, or no music. Syncing does nothing but copies whats in your library, to your iPod.

Why does iTunes lose your music library?If you have put any new music on your iPod lately, your computer could have synced your iPod and deleted all of the music.

I would not like to answer but once it is in your iTunes library and playable in the application then just sync your iPod with all the music of your choice and boom there you have it

What you are doing is 'syncing', and every time you sync your iPod, it will back it up. If you do not want to back up your iPod, highlight the music from your library that you want to put on the iPod and just drag it onto the iPod Touch menu.

You can put roughly 2,000 songs on an 8 gigabyte iPod, give or take other things that take up space on your iPod.

To get an iTunes library, you need to first have iTunes which can be downloaded off of the Apple site. The next step is getting music. If you download from Apple iTunes online library, it is .99 cents a song, and is automatically put in your library. If you put a CD into the computer, iTunes gives you the alternative to import those songs into iTunes.To get to an itunes library, you have to have an ipod and hook it up and it will pop up. There is no use for an itunes library if you don't have an ipod. itunes is like windows media player for the ipod. you can use it for music and to sync to your ipod. Hope this helped! :)

Syncing to your iPod means that all of the songs, apps or other things that you have bought from iTunes that are in your library but not on your iPod will be copied and put on to your iPod. To do this you need a USB 2.0 cable. This should have come with your iPod.

No, you don't. If you purchase another iPod, just extract the songs from the old iPod and put it on the new one. If all the songs are in your library, just drag all the songs onto the iPod from your Music library.

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