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How do you take care of bonsai plants?

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You need to decide which plant is best for the environment you will grow it in. The plant needs the right amount of water and light. Select a style for your plant and work slowly.

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What are bonsai plants in gardens?

The definition of bonsai includes "in a shallow pot or tray" so if it's in the ground it's NOT a bonsai. There are garden plants that are pruned to look like bonsai, but a bonsai must be in a pot.

Where can you buy a bonsai in America in stores?

Bonsai plants make great gifts! I will give you a link for a great bonsai store.

What plants are difficult to grow?


Why do bonsai trees stay small?

Bonsai trees are pruned and root pruned to miniaturise them. They require a lot of care.

Bonsai Trees?

form_title=Bonsai Trees form_header=Hire a tree service to plant and care for your bonsai trees. Would you like a tree service to plant bonsai trees in your yard?*= () Yes () No How many bonsai trees do you want to purchase?*= _[50] Do you or will you need help caring for your bonsai trees?*= () Yes () No

Lifespan of a juniper bonsai tree?

They will live for a long time if you take care of them correctly. I have one that has lived for thirty years.

Why should you take care of plants?

You should take care of plants so that they grow and continue to live. If you do not water plants and give them sunlight they will die.

What has the author Colin Lewis written?

Colin Lewis has written: 'Latin America in the World Economy' 'Bonsai (Hamlyn Care Manual)' 'Beautiful Bonsai' 'A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing and Displaying Bonsai (Step-By-Step Garden Books)' 'Growing and displaying bonsai' -- subject(s): Bonsai 'The Bonsai Handbook'

How long do bonsai live?

a bonsai can live as long as possible, it just depends on how good you care for it. For your intrest, I've been told that there is a bonsai in Japan which is over 2000 years old!

How to take care of plants?

water sun

What plants do animals eat?

they eat leavs,grass,bonsai,pitcher

What is education in TLE? about the plants,how to take care the plants,animals,etc.........

How do you take care of bonsai trees?

You water it, fertilize once a month, prune and trim roots and leaves, repot it every 2-5 years...

How are bonsai plants made?

Bonsai in easy words are nothing but stunting the growth of trees by skilled trimming, pruning and cutting of stems, branches and roots which over time makes the tree turn into a real beautiful bonsai!

What has the author Jerald P Stowell written?

Jerald P. Stowell has written: 'The beginner's guide to American bonsai' -- subject(s): Bonsai 'Bonsai, indoors and out; how to grow decorative miniature trees fromhardy and tender plants'

What type of indoor plants bloom all year round?

African bonsai

I would like to spice up the decks and patios of friends with some plants. What plants require very little care and can take a lot of sunlight without being damaged?

Some plants that require very little care and can take a lot of sunlight are ferns. Ferns are esy to take care of.

How long does it take for plants to grow?

depends how you care for it and which plant it is

Is bonsai a herb?

No. Bonsai is a Japanese word that means dish tree. They are different plants (usually trees) that are treated in a way that results in their resembling a miniature form of a normal tree.

Why do you take care plants?

Cause plants will always prevent floods, so no water will wash soil away if soil is washed away it will make soil erosion

How fast do bonsai trees grow?

There are more than one type of Bonsai tree, but if you can find the growth rate of that tree normally as a spaling, that may give you a near estimate. But remember bonsai tree's require lots of care so keep its watered and trimmed.

How did the Mayans take care of the sick?

The Mayans took care of the sick by their medicine...for example with special plants.

How can you take care of plants?

You have to water the plants twice daily, give it enough sunlight and fresh air.

How would you take care of rose plants?

I would take care of the Rose flowers by watering them every morning, weeding and pruning them regularly.

What are wort plants?

Thy are a Hardy Plant and can be Easy to take care of

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