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Most new cars have headlight "modules" that are not supposed to be taken apart. Are you sure they are dirty on the inside? I detail headlights at used car lots and most of the time the dirt is on the Outside. I use the CrystaLenz Headlight Restoration Kit to clean them it works really well. Check out their website for more info

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Q: How do you take off the glass part on headlights to fix and clean them on a 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais?
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Can you clean the glass on inside headlights Audi a6?

Can you clean the glass on inside headlights audi a6?

How do you change the lower intake gasket on a 95 Olds Cutlass Supreme 3.4DOHC?

Remove the 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass intake manifold retaining bolts. The manifold will come off. Remove the old gasket. Clean the surface. Put the new intake gasket and tighten the intake manifold retaining bolts.

What is the wheel bolt pattern on a 1987 Oldsmobile cutlass rwd?

There are many merchandise made especially to clean leather.A quicker way to temporarily wash leather is to use a moist towel and a dab of soap of your preferred scent.

How often should you clean your headlights?

once a week.

Where is the transmission drain plug for a 90 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera 2.5?

There is no transmission drain plug. You have to drop the entire pan to change the fluid. Always change the filter while you have the pan off and clean any metal shavings from the pan.

How much reduction in illumination of dirty headlights?

It would depend on how dirty they are. Keeping headlights clean would be in your best interest.

Keep headlights clean Dirt on the lenses can reduce the light by percent?

"dirt on the headlights can reduce their effectiveness up to 50 percent."

How do you get into the inside of your Dodge headlights?

If you're trying to clean them the haze is not on the inside it is on the outside. You can clean them by using a product called Crystalenz. I use their product when I detail headlights at used car dealerships and it works really well.

How do you clean headlights on a 1997 Plymouth Grand Am?

Externally, soapy water and a cloth.

Can you clean the headlight covers or does it have to be replaced?

Yes they sell restoration kits for headlights

How do I clean headlights in Pontiac Grand Prix?

Don't try and clean them ...just replace why should i try not to fix it myself it is cheaper

Is there way to restore headlights or a headlight cleaner headlight restoration kit you can buy to clean headlights?

There are a number of Headlight cleaning kits available, some work, some don't. Google Clean your headlight lens, and call or research the companies to find the best.

What do you do to avoid over driving your highlights?

Slow down! That's the easiest answer. Make sure your headlights are clean of dirt, debris, and bugs. Take your car to an auto repair place if you want to properly align your headlights, which maximizes the distance you can see. Also replacing your headlights with Xenon headlights will increase your visibility.

How do you clean a contact pad on power sliding door on Oldsmobile silhouette?

Clean corrosion off contacts with fine steel woll, sandpaper, etc.

How do you clean the inside of your headlights?

If you have composite headlights, you can remove the bulb, remove the headlight assembly, use some headlight lens cleaner, rinse it out, and let it dry. If you have sealed beam headlights, you can only change out the assembly or clean the lenses only on the outside.

Is there a way to clean headlights when they look frosted instead of clear?

when you mix olive oil with windex together and rub

Can you clean the inside of a 79 didge stratus headlight?

I doubt it as the headlights are sealed and most don't come apart.

How do you clean headlights for an s type jaguar?

get a wash rag steaming hot (100) lay it on it then throw rocks at it.

Can you use lighter fluid to clean headlights?

No, it will soften and or fog the phenolic plastic housing. Try mothers polishing kit.

How to clean head lights?

If your once-crystal clear headlights now look like they're covered in wax paper, it's safer to learn to clean and buff them up yourself.

How do you clean up headlight lenses that appear frosty and scratched?

hi i have frosty headlights is there anything i can use to get rid of this please help

How often do you need to clean the headlights of your car?

once a monthusing wax on them is a good idea they turn yellow and hazy if left unprotected.

94 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera starts with a high idle and then stalls before you can get it out of gear any ideas?

I'd suspect a vacuum leak or a problem with the EGR valve, but if I were working on it I wouldn't replace anything until I've had a chance to check into it further. Clean the air intake mass air flow sensor with carb cleaner. . How can you crank it "in gear"??? You got sensor problems.

How do you turn on headlight wipers on 1998 Volvo S70?

They come on automatically whenever you apply windshield wash mode with the wiper switch. When doing so it also sprays wash fluid on the headlights. Just be sure if you live up north, clean the snow and ice off your headlights and wiper assembly so as not to freeze them to the headlights.

How to improve 1973 beetle headlights?

If the car is running with 12 volts, you may want to buy new headlights. New bulbs on 12 volts are plenty bright. Before you put in new headlamps, clean up the contacts that they fit onto to make sure you are getting a good clean connection, and you aren't losing any power to a dirty connection.