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For the 92' Take the sleave off the connecting wire, pop the tabs on both sides of the box, remove the corresponding screws/bolts and it should slip right out.

Unbolt entire fuse box. Pull those three fuses out the bottom of the fuse box then unbolt fuses, replace fuse. Push fuses back into fuse box and rebolt after putting bottom covers back on then bolt back to fender then put top back on!!! wasn't that easy!!!

This was on a 1996 Toyota corolla!!!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:21:26
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Q: How do you take out the 40 amp fuse that is next to the alternator fuse and abs fuse?
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Your car there a flashing abs signal how can take out?

take out fuse 2 abs light on instrument panel

On 96 Toyota corolla your 40 amp fuse which sends power to cab of car you do not know how to remove it it is located in the fuse box next to the alternator fuse 100 amp and 50 amp abs fuse?

Use a small screwdriver to pry upwards . these fuses are very hard to remove sometimes.

Where are the fuse locations for the ABS on a 2000 Ford F550?

There is 2 fuse boxes one is next to driver side car battery but the ABS fuse you are looking for is in the fuse box inside the cab. You have to pop little plastic piece out from the dash its located right about your emegancy brake pedal. Pop that out and there will be your 2nd fuse box with ABS fuse.

2002 Kia Spectra all 4 wheels locked?

If you have an ABS, take out ABS fuse and see what you get

How do you change abs system on 1990 toronado trofeo?

Take the fuse out.

Where is abs fuse?

ABS fuse is located in the engine compartments fuse block, the owners manual ussually lets you know where the fuse is and the amperage.

Is it possible to bypass or disable the ABS on a 95 Dodge Neon?

if u want to disable it , there is a fuse box in the engine compartment , pull the fuse your abs will be disable, why take it off anyway

Where is the abs fuse in a 1999 ford explorer?

the abs fuse is under the hood on driver side

How do you permanently disconnect the abs warning light on a 1999 gm sierra?

Pull the ABS fuse located in the under hood fuse box. Pull the ABS fuse located in the under hood fuse box.

Where is the abs fuse located on a 1994 Chevy astro van all wheel drive?

The 1994 Chevrolet Astro Van ABS fuse is located in the fuse box. The ABS fuse will be in the second column, third from the top.

Where is the abs fuse located on a 2002 Pontiac aztek?

fuse abs pontiac aztek 2002 located

How do you disconnect the abs in a 96 Oldsmobile bravada?

Remove the abs fuse under the hood in the fuse box

Why do my abs fuse keep blowing?

Obviously, if any fuse keeps blowing there is a serious fault in that circuit.Take it somewhere they can fix it.

Where is the fuse for ABS Light 1999 BMW 318i?

If you are trying to turn out the light, taking the ABS fuse out will not turn it off as it's a fail-safe light and will come on if power is lost to the ABS system or there is a fault with it. Only way is to take the actual bulb out.

How can tell weather you have 4w abs or 2w abs on your 98 ranger 4wd xlt?

In your fuse panel , on the drivers end of the dash ( removable plastic cover is visible with the drivers door open ) If fuse # 14 is a 20 amp fuse , you have rear ABS If fuse # 14 is a 10 amp fuse , you have 4 wheel ABS ( Yes , that is correct , the 10 amp fuse means you have 4 wheel ABS brakes )

Abs light on Toyota Tacoma 98?

check your abs fuse.

How do you disable abs on 1991 Cadillac?

Pull the fuse for it, labelled "ABS."

Disconnect 1998 Safari ABS brakes?

under hood fuse box there is a 60 amp fuse labeled abs remove it and the abs will not work and the abs light will come on in the dash but you will be able to stop now

What color is the ABS fuse on a 1995 Ford Explorer to disconnect it?

on My 1995 limited the fuse is red and it is #14 in the fuse panel if you remove the fuse the yellow abs light on your dash board will stay on .....

Do i have rear or 4 wheel abs in my 1999 ford ranger?

Check the fuse panel on the driver's end of the dash and look at fuse # 14 If the # 14 fuse is a 20 amp - you have the rear wheel ABS If the # 14 fuse is a 10 amp - you have 4 wheel ABS brakes You would think that the 4 wheel ABS would have a larger fuse , but it's 10 amp

How do you turn off the ABS light on 1994 Nissan 300zx?

Take the fuse out or just unhook it from the modulator.

Where is the ABS fuses on a 2002 olds intrigue?

Interior fuse box, position A-1, 20 amp fuse marked ABS

What Does removing the abs fuse create any problems?

The ABS will not function if needed and the ABS light will remain illuminated.

The abs light comes on in your 1993 F-150 when it does you have no power how can you fix this?

There are a few ways to fix this. Some of the ways to fix it would be to replace the ABS fuse/relay and to make sure the alternator is charging properly, if not replace the wiring or the entire unit.Ê

What fuses can you pull on a 1998 windstar to disable the ABS system?

There is a fuse for almost every electrical part on the car. To disable the ABS system on this vehicle, the person needs to pull the ABS fuse or relay. On the diagram it will be labeled as ABS.