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The body of a 1976 corvette is held on by eight bolts that attach to the frame. there are tow bolts near each rear tire, one in front and one behind. There is a bolt in front of the doors on each side and then two on the firewall. There are also bolts that attach the bumper covers to the bumper which will need to be removed. Also, the front bumper brackets will need to be removed as the pass through the inner fiberglass fender. Other than misc grounds to the body and removal of wiring harnesses, you should be able to remove the body.

AnswerI was going to ask the same question about a 1968 Vette. Are there not a lot more items to be disconnected, such as the steering column, transmission linkage, brake lines etc? thanxs


Don't forget:

1. Shift Linkage / Clutch Pedal (if so equipped)

2. Steering Column

3. Oil Pressure Line or Wire (depending on year)

4. Temp Sender Wire

5. Ignition wiring (to coil or distributor if HEI)

6. E-Brake cable

7. Seat-belt anchor cable

8. Brake Lines to Master Cylinder

9. Tach cable or wire

10. Speedo Cable

11. Steering column/key lockout linkage from trans

12. Backup Light wire on trans

Lift s-l-o-w-l-y and check for anything that might still be attached

I must add to the list. My father broke the reverse-lockout tee handle on his car when he did a body removal. I suggest unscrewing the shift ball and removing the spring and t-handle as well. That way the shifter won't catch on the interior or shift boots and you can save the trouble of disconnecting the whole shifter from the transmission. -ku2002

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Q: How do you take the body off of a 1976 Corvette?
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