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How do you take the dash off a 2001 Hondia Sanota to get the sterio out?

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first things first , take pully off ... bottom left below glove box. second take console pieve (in front of gearshifter) off and unscrew 2 screws. then take the frame of the gearshifter off and you should see 2 screws take them al out ....... pull dash off from top air vents ...i am having trouble getting the bottom off but that should be enough to get the radio out ....

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How do you remova dash panel on 2000 odyssey Honda to replace sterio?

How_do_you_remova_dash_panel_on_2000_odyssey_honda_to_replace_sterio 11-11-2008

How do you take apart dash for stereo in 92 dodge stealth?

the square thing that is around the sterio, pop it off and the screws that hold it in are behind that

Turn signalshazzard lights quit flashing on 2004 impala where is the flasher?

It should be located on the dash just up and left of the sterio near the instrument cluster

What are the release dates for Mad Dash Racing - 2001 VG?

Mad Dash Racing - 2001 VG was released on: USA: 13 November 2001

Can a evaporator coil be removed from bottom of dash on 2001 Tahoe?

NO. you must remove the dash

How do you remove the dash mounted cup holder in a 2001 Pntiac Montana?

I cannot find how to remove the cup holder from the dash of my 2001 Pontiac Montana

What actors and actresses appeared in Mad Dash Racing - 2001?

The cast of Mad Dash Racing - 2001 includes: Charles Martinet Willow Wray

Where is the obd connector on a 2001 Concorde?

It is under the dash on the driver sideIt is under the dash on the driver side

2001 Chevy sub no dash lights?

Assuming the dash light dimmer switch is not off, check the fuse.

How do you remove the centre dash in a 1995 Hyundai excel lx to remove the stock sterio?

behind the farthest black button on the left is a screw, to remove get a screwdriver and pry it out.. also behind ashtray is 2 screws

How do you remove the top piece of the dash from a 2001 Dodge Ram?

== ==

How do you replace the dash lights on a 2001 Acura TL?

you fix them

Where is the headlight sensor located on a 2001 Mercury Sable?

on the dash

Where is the fuse for the dash lights and gauges on a dodge caravan 2001?

In the fuse box under dash, left of steering column.

How to replace lights on 2001 impala dash?

If all the dash lights are out, it is the switch that is the problem.other wise, you have to remove all the lowre pannels to get at the bolts that hold the dash cluster in.

Where do you find the ObdII port on 2001 dodge ram 2500?

Under the dash on the driver side.Under the dash on the driver side.

Where is the blower motor on a 2001 chrysler voyager 4 cylinder?

Under the dash, passenger side.Under the dash, passenger side.

How do you Reset a 2001 slk 320 maintenance indicator on dash?

clear maint code from 2001 slk 320

How do you set clock Nissan primera 2001?

Twist the thing on the dash.

Where is the TCM on the 2001 Kia Rio?

Under dash drivers side

Where is the dome light switch in the door of a 2001 f350?

on the side of the dash

Where under the dash is the override button for 2001 kia?

Override button for what?

Where is the fuse box on 2001 ford expedition xlt?

Underneath the dash.

Why do my dash lights pulse on my 2001 chevy blazer?

The alternator is failing.

How do you remove dash 2001 Daewoo nubira?

help to put together