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This is actually the procedure for removing the lower dash panel from a 1997 Buick LeSabre, but I think they are very similar. You will need a 1/4" drive ratchet wrench with a metric socket set. It is helpful to move the front seats all the way back, and to put all your fasteners into a bowl or box so they don't get lost. Put them in an envelope and label them if you think you might not remember what they're for. # Remove the upper part of the dash. That procedure is explained in detail elsewhere, but briefly; very carefully pry off the wood grain panels and the four louvered vents (no threaded fasteners here; a wide-bladed paint scraper works well), then remove the (9) screws with an M7 socket (one behind each louver and five across the middle of the dash), then very carefully pry the upper dash panel off. If there seems to be too much resistance, look diligently for another screw. There are no screws on the thin part above the glove box, but be very gentle with it. Old plastic breaks easily.

# Remove the plastic covers mounted underneath the dash. There are bolts (M7) on the underside, and nuts (M7) against the firewall. The passenger side cover has a light and an air bag connector fastened to it, and the driver side has a light, a fuse box, and one other device that I didn't recognize). I removed the passenger side panel, but let the driver side panel hang.

# WORK SAFELY! Don't skip this! Either disconnect the battery if you haven't already, or disconnect the air bag electrical connectors to avoid accidental deployment. # Now, use an M10 socket to remove (3) bolts on the underside of the lower dash, and (1) bolt and (3) nuts on the top front of the lower dash panel. There are (2) bolts on the top of the air bag unit that you have to loosen (but not remove) in order to get the lower dash panel off. # Flip the panel upside down and set it on the floor. You will find wires to the glove box and to the ash tray that you have to disconnect in order to get the panel out of the car. To reinstall the dash, simply reverse the procedure.

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Q: How do you take the lower dash out of a 1998 Buick LeSabre to install a remote starter.?
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