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It must be pressed off. You then press it on the new pump. Special tools are required. Some auto parts stores will rent the tool free, if you buy the pump from them.

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Q: How do you take the pulley off a power steering pump?
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How do you take off a power steering pump 95 camaro 3.4 v6?

Take the drive belt off. Get a pulley removal tool and take the power steering pulley off. Disconnect hoses from the back of pump. Take support bracket off back of pump remove four bolts that are visible once you remove the pulley

Is there a way to bypass the power steering pump pulley on a 1993 Buick regal 3.8?

You can bypass the power steering pump pulley in your 1993 Buick regal 3.8 liter engine. Measure the distance around the other pulleys, without the power steering pump pulley. Take the measurement to your local auto-parts stores and ask for a belt of that measurement.

How do you get to the bolt located behind the power steering pulley to take out the water pump when there is no holes in the power steering pulley to remove the power steering pump?

Are you sure that bolt has to come out to change water pump? That bolt should be one of three that hold the p/s pump to the bracket. Those bolts are removed by removing the p/s pulley first. That requires a special puller to r & r the p/s pulley.

How do you remove the steering pump pulley on a Nissan 200sx?

Take off the sockets and remove the pump pulley.

How do you replace the power steering pump pulley on a 2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS 6Cyl?

Take it to a mechanic

How to change power steering pump 1992 Chevy caprice classic?

U need to purchase a Chevy power steering pump removal/install tool. its a small pulley type tool and will take the pulley off of the pump. once its off, there should be 3 bolts that hold the pump in place.

Do you have to remove the power steering pulley in order to remove the bracket on a 93 Chevrolet pickup with a 350 Does the pulley have a bolt in the center?

power steering pulley is pressed on. to remove pulley, u need to completely remove pump from vehicle and take it to a mechanic that has right tools for removing

Water pump 1997 Grand Prix Got one bolt to take off and it hits the Power steering pulley do you have to take this pulley off to get the water pump off Job was going good till this last bolt?

yep, you have to take the pulley off using a power steering pulley puller, easily found for rental at autozone. the part that sucks is putting the pulley back on. when you figure that out, IF you figure that out, everything else will be fine.

How do you take off power steering pump pully?

Those can be removed easily with a pulley puller,eitheir purchase or rent one.

How do you put a pulley on a power steering?

Most newer pumps have the pulley pressed on. This is largely so that you usually have to replace the entire pump, or take it to some one who has the proper equipment.

How do you take out a Power steering pulley on a 98 Chevy blazer?

You will have to get a tool called a Power steering puller to remove the pulley. Then another tool that puts it back on.

Can you take the old pulley that was pressed on the old power steering pump and bolt it on the new pump?

Yes, and it requires a special tool. You may be able to rent it from a parts store.

How do you replace water pump on 2004 grand prix?

Remove timing belt loosing idling pulley ( move ab with 13 ranch) after take out two bolts holding power steering pulley and remove water pump

How do you take off power steering pulley on 1994 gmc?

To take the power steering pump pulley off of many later model GM products requires a special puller made for that purpose. It is available from Autozone on their loaner tool program. The same set includes another puller to put the pulley back on. Some water pumps also use the same style pulley.

How do I remove a B2300 power steering pulley?

take the power steering pump out first un hook your high pressure hose and lo pressure to there right behind the pump and just to the left you will see two mounting bolts take them off and then remove belt and pull the pulley and pump out toghter and u have to get what called a pulley puller some parts shop will rent it for like five bucks or something like that then just do everything in reverse that should help u

How do you remove the power steering pump on a 1997 Chevy venture?

Well... I can tell you what you're supposed to do. 1. Remove the serpentine belt. 2. Disconnect the two hoses to the power steering pump (very difficult). 3. Remove the three bolts to the power steering pump. Access through the holes in the pulley. You may have to use a wheel puller to take the pulley off. The engine compartment is incredible cramped. Access the the power steering pump hose coupling is very difficult. It might be necessary to remove the windshield washer tank to get enough leverage on the wrench. Good Luck

1991 dodge dynasty replace a power steering pump?

I have a 1990 3.0 I don't know if it is the same engine and if it has the same layout as mine but I hope that it helps you. First take belt off a/c. Then take the serpentine belt off. Pull off alternator, a/c compressor and bracket. Take lines off power steering pump. Catch fluid in pan and discard at a place that takes it for disposal. Then take the " L " shape bracket off the back of the power steering pump. Take the two bolts off the front of it. Let it set for right now. Take the belt tensioners for the serpentine belt and the a/c off. Next support the engine with a jack. Now take all the bolts out for the motor mount going into the engine. Then take the two bolts out on the frame rail. Pull on the motor mount towards the frame rail. Move to the side. If you can pull the pulley off the power steering pump where it is setting. You can pull the pump up through the top. If not (like I couldn't) take the pump and turn it so the dipstick hole is pointing down and kind of like behind the crankshaft pulley and the pulley for the pump is in front of it. Push it down to wedge it in place. Then grab the motor and pull it to the front of the car. Pull hard. the pump should fall out. Take pulley off and anything that as to go on the new pump. But leave the pulley off. Put the pump in from the top side. Then put the pulley on the pump. Then reinstall everything. That is how I remove and install my pump.

How do you you take power steering pulley off without pulley puller?

You can't do it without destroying one or the other.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1990 Chevy Cavalier?

In order for you to change your water pump, mine is a 1991 cavalier and I had to take everything apart. I first started with the altanator, then you have to take off or loosen the power steering pump in order to take off the tensionor pulley that is a big alluminum plate with the tension pulley bolted to the head in order to access the bolts to the water pump. Its a pain, you just have to have patients, (TIP) in order to loosen the powersteering pump the bolts are inside the pulley, it has holes in the middle of it and you have to rotate the pulley to get to the bolts.

How do you remove pulley from power steering pump on 98 Chevrolet pick up?

There is a special puller just for that job. Without it you will probably damage the pump and or pulley trying to take it apart. Some auto parts stores will rent you the puller or you can purchase one.

Can you take the old pressed on pulley from the old pump and put it on the new pump if its bolt on or do you need a new pulley?

If we are talking about a power steering pump the pully is pressed on. It requires a special puller to remove it without damaging it. Many auto parts stores will rent you the correct tool to do the job.

How do you replace the power steering pump in a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

first remove the serpentine belt there is a tension pulley that you will see located on the left side of the engine. loosen the nut on the tension pulley and you will be able to remove the belt. once the belt is removed you will see the power steering pump has a big pulley on the front with three holes located on it. align one of the holes on the pulley with each of the three bolts that hold the power steering pump to the power steering pump engine mount bracket remove the hoses from the power steering pump one will unscrew off the top of the pump(the high pressure side) the low pressure side is a bit more tricky as it is very very very easily broken. either cut the line and replace it when you replace the pump or else try and remove the end that is not attached to the pump on the low pressure side if you can. I usually just trim off about an inch of the hose just before it attaches to the pump with a pair of cutters. be aware that when you do so that power steering fluid will go everywhere and have a can or something to catch it in and a rag to clean up what slops out. after you get the pump off put the whole dripping thing in a bucket or some other oil resistant container and take it to the automotive store and swap it for the core charge on a new power steering pump and buy more power steering fluid, make sure that you have them swap out the belt pulley and put it on the new pump for you and that you take the dipstick/cap when you swap out the old pump one for the new one. once you get back, take off any factory caps (they are usually red) from the pump where the hoses attach. now attach the pump back to the engine mount bracket and reattach the serpentine belt then reattach the hoses and retension the belt pulley make sure that you put power steering fluid back into the pump and top it off. then fire up the engine and make sure that you twist the steering wheel all one way and then all the other way then kill the engine and top off the power steering fluid again. also i would like to say that (the poorly made piece of cast aluminum between the pump and the engine) the power steering pump mount bracket is prone to cracking and or breaking leading to the serpentine belt coming off from the engine and leaving you with a broken power steering pump mount bracket and bolts broken off in the engine block (I had my own power steering mount bracket made out of good ole steel) to fix the problem :) have fun

Can a normal steering be replaced with Power Steering in Nissan Micra S?

It can be done but it is not worth the trouble as you will have to take the steering rake out and fit a power steering pump and resivoir it is not worth the trouble as you will have to change the rake and fit a steering pump and resivoir

How do you change power steering pump in a peugeot 206?

disconnect the battery, losen the tensioner, take the belt out, then unscrew the power steering pump...then work in reverse....done

How do you remove the power steering pump pulley from a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville 3.8L?

Take the pump with you to an auto parts store so they can fix you up will a puller. Some places will let you "rent, borrow" these specialized tools.