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Q: How do you take the stereo out of a 1989 Hyundai excel?
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How do you replace plug leads on Hyundai Excel 1998?

Take it to a mechanic

How do you remove ignition barrel from 1996 Hyundai Excel?

Take to the Mechanic .... LOL

What is the stereo color code for a 1997 Hyundai Tiburon?

you have to take out the stereo and it is usually on the barcode on it. It is a 10 digit code and usually starts with the letters HS, HA, HC.......

How do you replace the clutch on a 1990 Hyundai excel?

if you are asking this question on a website,,,,get someone else to do it,,,,I can explain how to do it,,,,,but you will not understand unless you have someone there to guide you,,,,take it to a professional

What kind of freon does a Hyundai Elantra take?

what kind of freon does Hyundai elantra take?

Where is the starter motor located in a 1999 Hyundai excel?

under the manifold, left side of the motor. 2 bolts is all you need to undo it. You may have to take some hoses off to get to it

What kind of oil does a Hyundai elantra take?

what kind of oil does a automatic '99 hyundai elantra take?

Why would 94 Hyundai Excel drop power suddendly for a second then rev excessively and engine light come on?

If it is doing that, it means you have a blown transmission. You need to take it to the repair man immediatly

How do you fix the light that is out in one half of your car stereo screen?

Take it to a stereo shop.

What type gas does a 94 Hyundai excel take?

normally it runs with 87 octane gas... i always use 91-93 octane is more expensive but keeps the fuel system cleaner and healthier

Can you take out a stereo before repossession?


Where can I take a free online Excel course?

you can take a free online excel course at the following website... once you are on the sight all you need to do is click which excel course you want to take

How do you remove the stock stereo of a 2005 Hyundai Accent?

if it is anything like my 2006 Hyundai accent then you have take take off the black trim around the stero.. there are about 6 places where you need to pry. the corners and the middle areas. kind of tough to get off but just keep pulling. you wont break anything. just pull hard. after that is off all you have to do is unscrew the srews

How do you take off a camshaft puller from a 1999 Hyundai tiburon?

how to take off a camshaft puller from a 1999 Hyundai Tiburon

Where is the hazard switch in Hyundai excel?

On top of the middle console on the right. This button needs to be removed to take out the middle console, so it happens the plastic click systems fails and the button wont go back on.

How do you take out factory CD player for a 2004 Hyundai accent hatch gt?

There is 3 long wire that you need to unhook. 1 is behind the glovebox. Unhook the glovebox and you can clearly see the wire. 2 is on the right of the gas pedal. After all 3 is unhooked, you can pry out the cover and disconnect the A/C and clock wire. The stereo will be revealed and unscrew the 4 screws that holds the stereo in place. Then unhook the back of the stereo.

How do you take out the factory stereo on a 1991 Holden Apollo?

Remove the retaining cover from your factory stereo. Remove the factory stereo retaining bolts. Slide the factory stereo out. Remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the factory stereo.

How do you remove the radio in a 1999 Hyundai Excel?

OMG!!!!!!!!I wanted a new stereo in my 99 excel and i found plenty of tutorials on how to do it, but none of them explained it very well, i just took to it with a screwdriver and eventually figured it out, over about 6hrs!!!!!!What u need to do is take the black plastic thing off the front of the radio. plastic face that stops u from getting to the screws.To do that you have to remove the ashtray, remove the 2 screws in the ashtray compartment! Now you need to undo the heater control clips 2 under the drivers side then 1 behind the glovebox. Then slide center control unit out. You then have to undo the stereo retaining screws and slide the stereo out, you will have to take the cables off the clock and hazzard lights too. Replace in reverse order.As far as actually wiring in the stereo, match up wires, look up the manual for your new stereo and use the "map" engraved in the metal ontop of the head unit, and match them up to the ones in ur manual, u can buy adapters so u dont have to cut cables, such as this one just saves you from having to cut wires at the back of your head unit, i wish i had one b4 i started lol :)Anyway if you have any other questions just let me know, i will try and post sum picks when i get the chance to pull my car apart again :P

How do you take stereo out of lock on 98 Oldsmobile intrigue?

Take it to the dealer.

How much oil is put in a 2001 Hyundai tiburon?


What kind of oil does a 2001 Hyundai Elantra take?

A 2001 Hyundai Elantra takes 10W 30 oil. The Hyundai will take approximately 4.2 quarts of oil. The oil can be purchased at any auto parts store.

How do you remove stereo from 2006 cobalt?

Un snap all the trim aroun the stereo and take out the 4 bolts and it pulls out.

How do you take out a stereo from a 1992 Ford Fiesta?

you need special stereo removal kit commonly know as a clothes hanger

Stereo was stolen you installed new stereo and speakers do not work?

make sure the speakers werent stolen first off then try new wires from the stereo to a speaker that you are sure works. if that speaker doesnt work take your stereo back

How do you remove the stereo from a 2002 civic ex?

You need to take the bottom off first. There's like a slot for another stereo, take that slot off, then reach him unplug the wires inside. And just take it out.