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How do you talk to your creditors about getting your car back?


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Like YOU would want to be talked to if you were the lender. However you do it, it has to be done. They have the car. Example: "Ho, my name is ???? and I would like to redeem my car. What are the total charges to bring it current?" Good Luck


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Creditors look as far back as your CR goes. However, with enough DP and maybe higher interest rates, you can get a new car. You just have to shop around.

Possibly, You need to talk to the lender, immediately.

I am unclear as to what you are asking. Do you want to get a car back that you donated to an organization?

In ANY state, the FIRST call should be to the LENDER. They had it repoed, they will determine how much and when you get it back.

No creditors can not take the car, even if the father can not pay the money for it, as long as you are paying the full money they should not have any trouble.

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Creditors can make claims against any estate left by the decedent. If the car loan is not paid the lender will repossess the car. If there is no other estate the creditors are out of luck unless there was a co-signer on any of the accounts. As bills come in the creditors should be notified of the death.

Depends on the state and the type of contract that was signed. If you aren't happy with what you did, take the car back and talk to the dealer. They may work with you.

When you have a car repossessed, either voluntarily or involuntarily, that car will be resold - typically, at an auction. You will still owe the lienholder the amount you owe (plus any associated recovery costs) minus the amount they got for it at the auction.

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Normally, as a secured creditor he would get to repossess and sell the car to recover as much of what you owed. Or if you reaffirmed the debt, then the lien stays as does your obligation to pay.

Nope, BUT it may be allowed if the seller agrees to the return for the full amount owing or to pay the full the value of the car if it is worth more than owed, otherwise the car will be sold and the money applied equaly to all creditors.

Contact the lender who repossessed the car. You will have to make up all back payments and pay all fees associated with the actual repossession.

yes. but sometimes it comes back after time.

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If you've not got a Bill of Sale, Registration or proof of Clear Title... give the car back.

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You need to take the car because you have signed a contract and the car is legally yours. You can talk to the dealer and ask them if they will take the care back, but they are not required by law to do so.

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