How do you talk when you are shy?

I get being shy, considering I am. And it's really hard when you're standing there blushing and stuttering while trying to talk to someone, especially someone you really like. The trick is to practice on random people on the street. As you're walking compliment someone you don't know, you'll see that they don't beat you up or scowl at you lol. Whenever you start talking to the person you like, ask them questions about themselves, so that they do most of the talking and you only have to say a few words. If they ask you questions about you don't freak out just be honest and answer the question. (p.s. If you already have them talking to you, this means they are already interested!!!)

what you need to do, is make whomever you are shy to talk to come up to you! Once he comes just plane out what you'll say. Or call him. i founds it easier talking to my crush (im assuming your talking about a crush since you put RELATIONSHIP under the tags) on the phone than in person. Once you get comfortable talking to him or her on the phone try talking in person. Build your way up to talking with him!