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The difference between a female snapping turtle and a male snapping turtle is the difference in their tales. Each snapping turtle has a small cirlce looking shape on theie tale. If it is a female snapping turtle, it's circle will be closer to the shell (or the butt) an if it is a male snapping turtle, the circle will not neccesarily be at the end of the tail, but it is certainly not near the shell (or butt). With most snapping turtles, it should be obvious, but with some, it is hard to tell, especially if their newborns (a week old or younger).

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Females are bigger about two foot long shell

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Q: How do you tell a female snapping turtle from a male?
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Alligator snapping turtle how do you tell male from female?

Male alligator snappers have thicker and longer tails.

How can you tell male snapping turtle or female snapping turtle?

I wonder how. The easiest way is to check the bottom of the tail. The male's vent/cloaca is near the middle, while the female's is near the base, at the edge of the plastron.

How do you tell a baby girl from a baby boy snapping turtle?

Male and Female snapping turtles show their gender difference mostly in the tail. The male's tale is thicker and longer than the female. Snapping turtles have a vent and the male's vent is further from the plastron.

How do you tell a female sea turtle from a male sea turtle?

the male turtle has a longer tail than the female turtle. the female turtle is always larger than the male turtle..

How do you tell the part from a girl turtle and a boy turtle?

You can see if a turtle is a male or female by their tail. A female will have a shorter tail than a male.

How can you tell how old a snapping turtle is?

You can tell how old a Snapping Turtle is by it's size and how weathered its shell is

How to Tell if slider turtle is male or female?

it is a...

How do you tell the difference between a male red belly turtle and a female red belly turtle?

You usually can tell by their tale if its longer its a male if its shorter its a female.

How do you tell the difference between a male spotted turtle and a female spotted turtle?

The way you can tell a difference between the male and the female is because the female has orange eyes and a yellow throat, but with a male Spotted Turtle it has brown eyes and a tanned throat

How can you tell a snapping turtle from a turtle?

the snapping turtle will run rateat you if you get to close and will most likely bite you.

How do you tell whether its a girl or boy turtle?

you can tell if a turtle is male or female from the rings around its eyes

How can you tell if it's a snapping turtle?

You can probably tell if it is a snapping turtle if you put a long stick in front of it and it bites off the end.

How can you tell weather your map turtle is male or female?

If it is a female the belly is darker

Tell me something you don't know?

How to tell is a turtle is male of female. :D

How can you tell a male and female stinkpot turtle apart?

Mostly the male stinkpot turtle would probably be much smaller then the female stinkpot just like in frogs the male is smaller than the female turle

How do you tell if a painted turtle is a male or female?

when the turtle has only tree diffrent colour's, it means it's male...if it has any more or less;female! bob's your uncle!

How do you tell the difference between a male and a female turtle?

A female turtle's belly sticks out while a male one's belly is either flat or goes inwards in the middle.

How do you tell apart a male turtle and female turtles?

The males claws are longer than a female.

How can you tell if a red eared slider turtle is a male or female?

Male Red Eared Slider have longer claws.And female have shorter claws.Thats all i know about how to tell if their either female or male. Also, if the turtle has a flat or sticking out stomach, that means it's a female. If the stomach has an indent in the stomach then it's a male.

How do you tell the difference between a male and female turtle?

well a Male's tail is bigger than a females that is if you are talking about the bum breathing turtle.

How can you tell a female box turtle from a male box turtle?

the differst is a male has a indent in the bottem of his shell and a females shell iis flat

How do you tell if a baby turtle is a boy or girl?

you can tell by if its belly is round then it is a female. If it is flat then it is a male

How do you tell when a baby snapping turtle is dying?

You can tell when a baby snapping turtle is dieing when it does not move at all for five minutes and a liquid poors slowly out of its mouth.

How can you tell a snapping turtle from a regular turtle?

There aren't many ways to tell the difference between a snapping turtle and a regular turtle. However the main difference is that the snapping turtle has a more distinct, and bigger beak. It looks more vicious and sharper than a regular turtles beak. Hope this is ok! From, Jane Goodall. :)

How can you tell snapping turtle eggs from painted turtle eggs?

Snapping turtle eggs are round like ping-pong balls, while Painted Turtle eggs are long ovals.