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best answer you will ever get by lionel13-i have my baby snapping turtle i keep changing the environment he doesent care aslong as he gets food i put em in sand dirt are just keep the tank how it is empty but with one big rock i got from out side or rocks you get from the pet store or out side but turtles can only swallow abd eat ubder water dont make the water to deep for the snapper make it only above the turtle make it to deep it can drownmake it to were the turtle can stick its head up to get air- o and friendly talk begins right now my turtles name is snappy and i cant tell if its a common snapping turtle.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-14 19:16:05
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Q: What type of environment should you set up for a snapping turtle?
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What is a type of turtle?

Snapping turtle, sea turtle i guess....

What type of turtle is used for turtle soup?

Usually Snapping Turtle is used for turtle soup.

What are all the different types of turtles?

One type of turtle is the snapping turtle. It is an awesome kind of turtle! :)

Which type of turtles are aggressive by nature?

Snapping turtles are thought to be aggressive eg. Alligator snapping turtle.

What types of turtles can fly?

one type of a flying turtle is a biting turtle and a snapping turtle as well as sea turtles

Do turtles blink?

Actually, yes they can. The only type of turtle that can't blink, is a snapping turtle. All others can. [:

Does the alligator snapping turtle still exist?

i never thought there was such a thing so probably not No... The alligator snapping turtle is a protected species that lives in the southern united states. Especially in the Florida everglades. Trust me they are real. You can find pictures of them on google images type "alligator snapping turtle." You can also see them at zoos.

How much jaw pressure do turtles have?

that depends through every type of turtle. The alligator snapping turtle has the second strongest bite in the world.

How can you tell what type of turtle you have?

If it has a long head it's a guru and if it smells like beef it's a snapping

What environment does a turtle live in?

depends which typeDepends on the turtle. There are many different species from all over the world.

Do turtles live in their shells?

Yes and no. Yes, because their shells are attached to their bodies(the shell is partly made up by the turtle's backbone), and if it were removed, the turtle would die. However, the turtles do not use their shells as shelter. There are several different habitats for turtles, depending on what type they are. For example, the snapping turtle and the painted turtle both like aquatic environments. The box turtle likes a more dry environment, and the list goes on.

What eats an allorgator snpping turtle?

Alligator snapping turtles are not the prey of any type of animal other than humans. However, their eggs are eaten by birds and raccoons.

What type a food should you feed your sea turtle?

You should not own a sea turtle if you do not have a license to do so. It is highly illegal. If you have the license, than you have already taken the classes which contain this information. If you are possibly mistaken about what type of turtle you have, you can take it up to the pet store and they can ID it for you. They can tell you the appropraite food from there.

Can a water turtle share its tank with a Snapping Turtle?

umm i guess if you wanted them to But like certain fish (as well as preying mantises as I found out), you may not want to take the chance of having a blood bath. Snapping turtles are known to be violent, therefore, I would surmise that they are territorial, so don't risk it! Also, even if the snapping turtle is ok with it, there might be other factors involved, such as the type of water that is needed for each to exist naturally, as well the space and the food that is required for both of them. In other words, research both turtles' lifestyle, diet, cohabitation tendencies, as well as the type of water needed for each, and whether you need a filter, a new one, or even a new tank.

Is a sea turtle a type of turtle?


Can three goldfish and algae eater live with a turtle?

It depends on the type of turtle and the size/maturity of the turtle. If the turtle is small and non-aggressive, sometimes they can share a habitat with fish. However, bear in mind that fish are natural prey of turtles. Eventually, they will probably catch his/her eye!it depends on the turtle and the fish, if its a snapping turtle nooo. if its something like a quarter turtle sure. The turtle wont be able to put its mouth on the fish its so small. Also the turtle won't eat the fish if it is full alredy, so just make sure the turlte is eating well.

What type of work environment do you prefer?

the answer should be in a convincing way.......hence your answer should be "im adaptable to any kind of environment"

Turtle- what is the length of a turtle?

4 feet Actually it depends what type of turtle, how old it is, and if it is sick...

What type of consumer is a turtle?

A turtle is a tertiary consumer.

What type of turtle was in Alice in Wonderland?

A mock turtle

What is the type of turtle on finding nemo?

Sea Turtle

What is a leatherback sea turtle?

a type of sea turtle

What type of sea turtle is crush?

sea turtle

How can you see what gender a turtle is?

it depends on what type turtle it is

What is the smallest type of pet turtle?

Box Turtle