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How do you tell a girl how you feel?


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Don't think about how you are feeling, and just say it.


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You should tell her how you feel!!!

Just be your self and tell her. If she likes you she will tell you.

JUST tell her ya twit I think u should tell the girl how u feel I think u should tell the girl how u feel

Come out and tell her how you feel. This can be tricky. If you want to tell a girl/woman how you feel, start off smooth and tell her what you want in a relationship, tell her why you want her, and tell her how you would treat her.

Tell her how you feel.

pour your heart out to her and tell her how you feel, what draws you to her, what do you feel when you think about her, etc.

tell her that "pleas, express what your hearts feel to me!"

Be truthful honest and tell them what you feel and tell them that you mean no offence

tell her that she is amazing in every way and just tell her how u feel and trust me cause I'm a girl

Tell them how you feel. Do you love them? If not tell them.

Tell her how you feel by having some guts

Usually because he is sensitive, or because he isn't sure if the girl feels the same way about him. Most guys feel it's almost the girl's job to tell them how they feel about them first. Most guys aren't sure how to approach a girl and tell them how they feel.

I would tell her how you feel about her. its pretty simple.

Go to the girl and ask her out. She accepts, tell her how you feel towards her.

If she is dating someone else, say nothing. Otherwise feel free to tell her.

if you are the 15 year old boy tell her how you feel about her. if you are the girl then tell him how you feel about him and tell him it cant work.

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