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  • Well if u are shy you get one of your best friends (a guy) to ask her how she react if u asked her out if she says to ur friend id say yes u should be happy but if u want to ask her out knowing she will say yes u have to be patient and wait to ask her out like 2 weeks after ur friend asked her if she liked u so she wont know u sent ur friend to her.
  • If u are brave u have to ask her out by yourself keep giving her hints you like her by maybe giving her a compliment perhaps i love ur shirt those are my favorite colors. But make sure u mean if not she will suspect something. Or notice if she got a new haircut or she smells good . We love that but if a guy says it too much she will think ur weird and a stalker
  • Good luck but if she doesn't like u dont give up she might change her mind but try to have a backup plan cuz u can't expect she will cahnge her mind.
  • Btw if ur friend likes her too don't hesitate get that girl before he does
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Just Ask. Make Sure Ur Not Rude Or Act Like Ur Demanding It. && I Suggest U Get To Know This Girl So It Doesn't Make It Wierd Or Anything. :)

Hi, I am Nate. I live across the hall. Maybe we can have coffee sometime. How about giving me your number?

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Q: How do you tell a girl you like her in middle school?
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How do you get a girl to stop thinking you like them in middle school?

you tell her you don't like her and if she's like OK what ever then ignore her and go hang out to the girl u actually like

How do you survive middle school a crush with a girl who likes you?

tell her your feelings

How tell a girl you like here?

i have gotten this one a lot. when i was in elementary school(now in middle) i liked this girl. so what i did was tell my closest friend to tell her i like her. so thats whats you can try out. and plan B try flirtting

If you are in middle school and you are scared to tell someone you like him what to do?

when i was in middle school you just told your friend and your friend would tell him or her.

What is the best way to ask a girl to a dance in middle school?

Go up to her, and ask her. Tell her that you like her and would like to be able to take her to the dance with you.

If you are a boy in middle school how do you politely tell a girl that you are not attracted to her?

Tell her she's sweet and all, just not your type. :]

How do you teel a girl you like her?

try, asking her out or tell her after school

How do you get a girl to like you if you are in a boys school?

Don't tell her it shouldn't matter where you go to school

How do you tell if a middle school girl is single or available?

Check if she is ever aroud a boy alot. If she is, ask the boy.

How do i ask out a girl in middle school on the first week of school even though we didn't me?

Look this what you do, get flowers and chocolate First see if she got a boy friend. She don't tell her you like her but be for that ask her Friends if she do and from their progress.

How do tell a middle school girl you like her?

here's what I would do try to find out if she likes you and go for it ask her out

How can you tell if the girl you like likes you in middle school if you only have one class together once every two weeks and you text occasionly but you always have to text her first?

As a girl in middle school, I understand your predicament. Here's the thing; if she likes you, she is probably too shy to tell you, so she might be waiting for you to ask her. I like this one boy in my middle school, but I would rather dye my hair bright pink and get run over by a truck than get up the courage to tell him. (pardon the interesting comparison) My advice? Tell her. Even if she doesn't feel the same way, which is highly unlikely, she will still will be flattered and might even later on realize she does.