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well theres no need ot be feel shy or out of courage u need to just stand up in front of her or take her out and then tel her how u feel she might feel the same way but u r not goin 2 find out if u cant tell her just try if u cant then try again another time but dont give up on your love for her not just yet anyway .


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Consider someone else asking her out and you may just be able to muster the courage to ask. The worst thing that can happen is she says no.

One has less courage to talk to the girl who has his heart. It is because of we fear that if she will leave me.

The theme for Star Girl is courage....... ^w^

They ask for their mobile number and text them at first. They get a mate to tell the girl they fancy them. They find the courage to go up and speak to them eventually.

You should build up the courage to talk to her.

Haha I think I speak for everyone when I suggest you talk to her before proposing.

She obviously likes her dog better than you. Live with it.

a girl who needs the courage to discover her name

You can not speak while you are logged into your account.

I wouldn't say so. alot of guys and girls do it. Not necessarily that will happen due to shyness.

see i love this girl at my high school, im 15 btw, and shes moving to Australia and now i dont even know if she has moved yet because she is not coming to school and its tearing me apart that i didnt speak to her because i thought she would be there forever.

A woman noted for her bravery/courage is called a heroine.

he likes the girl. He is too embarrassed to smile or speak to her :-)

the girl will say no - honestly its just better to ask for yourself - shows you have courage

Before dieting you should talk to your doctor. He or she will be able to inform you.

LOVE Character trust personality courage commitment

You will never know if you don't try so you just have to do it.

A male god: Ares represented manly courage.

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.

Yes, you're going to have to have the courage to come forth with your feelings towards this girl and hope that you have a chance with her.

Walk up to whoever you needed to ask out a girl and ask them - 'out a girl?((((dont listen to that)))) just get the courage to go up to your dream girl and aask her. otherwise get a friend to do it for you

Greg shows courage to ask a girl out and stand up for himself. He doesn't care about how the other kids treat him.

Gather your courage and purpose him. Everybody feels shy and nervous while purposing him/her. This is the way of life. Com'on Do it. Wish u good lick girl. This was also the case with me. But I purposed him gathering courage and now we are doing pretty well. DO IT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.

Amelia Earhart had courage because she was sick and tired of people thinking she wasn't brave because she was a girl; so she desparatly wanted to prove girls can be brave no matter what it takes and what it took was courage and a plane flight.

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