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don't use the word "might"


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No really knows who Rock Lee's mom is.But his dad is Might Guy,but he does not want to tell him yet.

Some girls might tell the guy. Or some might be a little shy. Most girls usually keep quite so the other girls don't go crazy and tell everyone. But some are like me and if they like the guy they will start to hang out with him. Become his friend. And then they might ask someone to tell the guy for them. Alot of the times girls don't like to tell the guys. They think they will get laughed at by the guy and his friends.

His wang might be showing on his downstairs

It is not uncommon for a guy to have to ask for permission from a girl's parents to date her. You can simply tell him that it is your dad's rule.

Well, the guy could tell her obviously, she might notice if you flirt with her a lot, or someone could of told her. If she likes the guy, she might flirt with him a lot, too.

NO he doesn't but his mates might tell your mates and will tell you

Start cheerful "Dad I have great news!" Don't back down "I have a boyfriend!" Tell their good qualities ("He's a great guy and we have a lot in common")

Keep your fingers crossed you might be a dad.

first try to become best of friends and if he trustd you enough he will tell you

i dont think so...if your dad loves you enough, he will learn to except who ever who date...even if he doesnt like strong and tell him the truth

Tell the guy that you like him, it might take some time but if your really nervous get a friend to tell him.

Well if his dad says he does than his dad is probably right. I mean I don't think his dad would lie to you. So if you want to tell him you like him you can say, Hey your dad says you like me and I kind of like you too.

If the guy likes you back , you might start dating , but if he doesn't like you he , might avoid you and tell his friends that you like him .

you cant tell until you become an official couple <3

(posative) just ask dad why he diden't tell you and sort it out with ya guy negative have a go at ya dad and knock you bf out and kill the girl who hes cheating on ya with i'll go with the secand one!! LOL

sometimes he might feel awkward sometimes he might feel the same about you or he might just get an erection

you cant tell if a guy likes you by touching him, but you can tell if you like him ;) if a guy touchs u he might like u but might not Answer If can be in the WAY he touches you. Also, if he goes out of his way or makes some kind of effort to touch you that's a pretty good sign that he may like you.

Definitely don't ask him out or tell her! if you do then she might get really upset.

There is really no sure way to know that. The girl can ask, but the guy might not answer truthfully.

Usually, you should tell the guy what time for him to pick you up. If you do not.. He might call you and tell you, and if you didn't he might also think you might meet him somewhere. But, usually the guy should pick up the girl. It's proper. :D

Talk to the guy, and talk to your dad about this guy, not in a way that your dad will get the impression that you really like him just as a friend you just met or is getting to know. Talk to the guy, not in a firty way. Just get to know him. Or you would ask one of your friends to talk to him for you and tell him what you think of him. ;}

To tell a guy that you like him you can always get to know him and try to become his friend but don't do it so fast and enerjetically because he will think your a freak so tell him softly and rationally.

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