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How do you tell a guy that you do not want him to take you for granted?


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September 12, 2011 10:26PM

Listen its important to aren't being shy about saying how you feel. Just come near him kiss him and you love him you would go with him no matter what and you are very sorry.


It's fairly normal that one of the two in the relationship can take the person for granted or sometimes both mates take each other for granted. It's a busy life out there with a lot of stress whether it's a student or a person working and sometimes the person or the couple don't even realize they are doing it. Communication is the key to a good relationship and you're never too young to start learning how to communicate.

Sit him down and tell him from the heart how you feel and be prepared to give him an example of his behavior. If he can't understand your feelings or doesn't try to better the relationship (along with you) then it's time to bail out because it won't get any better. Most of the problems in this world are due to the lack of time a couple spends with each other and the lack of communication in the world.


Speaking as a guy, heres my best advice,

Firstly he may feel the same towards you, so when you do approach him do so tactfully, not in the heat of an argument.

Secondly, when approaching him make sure that he understands why you feel like this, us guys are simple creatures and cant do all this "reading between the lines" stuff so if you think he's been out with his mates too much, say that, if you think he hasn't told you how nice you look in ages, say that too!