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Who says you have to say anything. A woman is always wise to take it slow and easy and not corner any guy regarding a possible relationship too quickly. Enjoy each other and go out on a date and get to know each other and nature will take it's course. If you continue to date you'll become closer and that's when you express yourself or he expresses himself to you. If you haven't been out on a date with him then ask him out for a movie or to a party. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you tell a guy you really like him?
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How do you tell a guy you don't like them nicely without punching them up?

you tell them there a really nice guy but you dont really like them

How can you tell if a gilr is going out with a guy to make you jealous?

you can tell if they seem to look like they dont really like the guy

How do you tell if a guy is really in love with you?

If a guy really loves you, he will do anything for you. Anything. Just like, if you really love him, you will do anything for him.

How do I tell the guy at my school that I really like him?

ask him out

How do you get a guy friend to like you as more than a friend?

Tell the guy that you like him, it might take some time but if your really nervous get a friend to tell him.

So theres this guy and i really like him how can i tell him?

You could say, "I like you."

Should I tell my crush I like him?

If you really like this guy, then go for it! Love conquers all.

What should you do if you like a guy but you drop hints and he doesnt get them?

Tell him that you really like him.

When you tell a guy you like him what do you do if he avoid you?

stand up to him, be the man if you really like him

How do I tell a guy I like him even though we're really close?

Tell him flat out.

How do you no if the guy you really like likes you back?

there really is no for sure way to tell, but if hes nice pays you compliments, and is really just a nice guy

How do you tell a guy that you really like him?

Just blurt it out. Guys really like a girl that is brave and tells you upfront.

How can you tell him you really like him?

Tell him you really like him. It's the easiest way to get the message across. If he really likes you, he'll be flattered. If he doesn't reply, move on to the next guy.

How can you tell when you really like a guy?

you can tell when you really like a guy when hes the first thought that comes into your head when you wake up, your last thought before you sleep and you get butterflies when you see him and your heart beats fast. that's how you can tell in my opinion :)

How can you tell if the guy likes you back after hearing from a friend that you like him?

Really you can't tell, you have to ask him.

Your best friend is talking to the guy im falling for what do you do?

you can either go up to her and tell her to back off alittle cause you really like him or you can tell they guy how you really feel.

Is it right to tell a guy after you have hung up i really like you?


How do you know if a guy likes you after you tell him you like him?

If a guy likes you he'll smile when you tell him, and he might be looking at other things, like look at things really fast

I am a junior guy and i really like a freshman guy but i don't know if he likes me what should i do?

Tell the person

What do you do if your friend tells a guy who you like?

If you really like him, you should just tell him, really you can't hide in the shadows forever.

Should you ever tell a guy you don't like them when you really do?

only if you know he won't appreciate you telling him you like him(in other words if he doesn't like you), otherwise, why would you tell a guy you don't like him...

What if the guy you really like likes someone else?

You can tell him that you like him or find another guy or you could try to make him jealous.

I'm to shy to tell this guy you like him what do you do?

Get over your shyness and just go up and tell him straight out. Surely you don't expect someone else to do this for you? If you really like this guy, then you are the only one who can tell him that.

Ask a guy on a date?

If you really like the guy tell your friends you like him, so your friends can tell him good stuff about you and them maybe he will start to like you, so he's asks you out and your not the one asking him.

How can you tell a guy you like him without really telling him?

you can't really, you just have to tell 'em.