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First make sure they do not have an offer of salary which you would feel okay with, and then also check to see if they are prepared to negotiate with it. Quote average figures for the position, and relate this to your experience and qualification, then give them a range of figures which you feel would be appropriate.

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Q: How do you tell an employer your expected salary?
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Your salary is never a secret.

How much your expected salary?

When going on a perspective job interview, you need to take into consideration as to whether or not you have experience. When you are requesting an expected salary and have experience try to find a middle ground, with no experience and no degree leave the salary open to the employer.

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What is your expected salary for the position?

a salary that you think is fair for my job.

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annual wage expected

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On the basis of the Basic Salary component that is part of the salary. The amount contributed is 12% of the basic salary from employee as well as an equal contribution by the employer

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